Eurovision Song Contest Final

Saturday 26 May 2012, 19:00 GMT

After Azerbaijan won last year's Eurovision Song Contest final in Germany, Baku is the host of this year's contest. Sweden are favourites to win, whilst the United Kingdom are represented by Engelbert Humperdinck, and Jedward return to represent Ireland.

Noelinho (17:48:08 GMT)

Welcome to coverage of the 2012 Eurovision final in Baku. The final starts at 1900 GMT (2000 BST / 2100 CET), so come back shortly before then for live commenting on the final!

Noelinho (00:02:13 GMT)

Right, we're off - it's Eurovision final time!

Noelinho (00:05:11 GMT)

There are currently definitely more than the maximum six people who are meant to be on stage.

Noelinho (00:05:59 GMT)

Has anyone else managed to make it, or is it just me tonight?

Chris Wilson (00:09:19 GMT)

Hi Noel. We're watching it and the England match at the same time!

Noelinho (00:10:53 GMT)

Hi Chris, glad you made it.

Chris Wilson (00:11:32 GMT)

Hi Noel. Me too.

Noelinho (00:11:52 GMT)

If I bend my head out of the window, I can probably spot Ullevaal Stadium :-)

Chris Wilson (00:12:29 GMT)

This should be interesting. Englebert. He has an honorary degree from my university.

Noelinho (00:13:12 GMT)

United Kingdom first out of the traps. reckon it'll do a decent job, but not going to challenge for the win.

Noelinho (00:14:44 GMT)

Hmm. This isn't a passionate as I've heard him sing. It's a bit dull today.

Chris Wilson (00:14:51 GMT)

Understated… simple… nice… not enough to win I feel :( or get a good score even

Evija (00:15:50 GMT)

I like it! It's a very good song!

Noelinho (00:15:50 GMT)

He's done that better.

Noelinho (00:16:40 GMT)

Hungary second. I like this, but I don't think it will do particularly well tonight.

Chris Wilson (00:18:20 GMT)

There's definitely a Eurovision video style isn't there. Lots of cameras flying in close to the singers.

Noelinho (00:18:42 GMT)

This sounded better in the semi final.

Noelinho (00:19:01 GMT)

I like it, but most people won't remember this in an hour and a half.

Chris Wilson (00:20:29 GMT)

Have to agree. It's the sort of thing that when it comes to voting I'll go "I know it was okay but… was it a winner?"

Noelinho (00:20:46 GMT)

Albania third. She sounded like a strangled cat in the semi final. Hopefully she won't tonight…

Noelinho (00:22:12 GMT)

And your answer will be "no"!

Chris Wilson (00:22:13 GMT)

oooo, can see that slavic roots in the language there. some similarities with Russian words.

Chris Wilson (00:22:56 GMT)

Yes… my answer will be no (to Hungary). As for Albania, the cat was just strangled.

Noelinho (00:23:08 GMT)

Save me from this screaming torture.

Noelinho (00:24:41 GMT)

Hope the CIA weren't watching that. They'd have found a new employee if they had been.

Noelinho (00:24:56 GMT)

Lithuania now. He pulls moves. Of a sort.

Noelinho (00:27:58 GMT)

That was a good candidate to finish last, I think.

Chris Wilson (00:28:07 GMT)

Well… Lithuanian…

Chris Wilson (00:29:56 GMT)

I'm guessing this song means my king if Bosnian is similar to Russian.

Noelinho (00:30:07 GMT)

Bosnia & Herzegovina now. Snorefest if ever I heard one. But the good news is, after this, there's something… unique.

Noelinho (00:33:25 GMT)

Russia. Unique. That's about all that's going for them, because age certainly isn't. I hope they don't party too hard.

Chris Wilson (00:35:00 GMT)

Stuff like this is just normal in Ukraine… go down the street, babushkas dancing to techno music and singing in English.

Noelinho (00:36:26 GMT)

Well, hopefully that's the last we hear of that song…

Evija (00:37:04 GMT)

Russia, I think it's my favourite Russia's entry ever. Very cute babushkas :)

Noelinho (00:37:16 GMT)

Iceland now. Brilliant song, but Russia is a hard act to follow. And with Cyprus next, they will likely struggle to win.

Evija (00:38:31 GMT)

I like Iceland. It's a great song, but I wish if they had left it in Icelandic.

Chris Wilson (00:38:50 GMT)

What! last of that song! It's actually in my head. Iceland make me think of Evanescence.

Noelinho (00:40:59 GMT)

Cyprus. I'm not a fan, but I think it will do well

Evija (00:41:36 GMT)

I dunno, why but I la-la - like this song!!

Chris Wilson (00:42:24 GMT)

Agree… not sure why though but I think it will do well. Don't think I like it but… it's… well it's very Eurovision.

Noelinho (00:43:37 GMT)

Yes, definitely very Eurovision, but I don't like the chorus.

Evija (00:43:56 GMT)

It was GREAT la-la! Love it!!

Noelinho (00:44:47 GMT)

France now. Can we have a break yet. I like this, but I think I'm in the minority.

Noelinho (00:47:14 GMT)

Horrible dress. Points docked.

Noelinho (00:48:35 GMT)

Italy. Definitely a decent shot for a winner. But hasn't got a great draw.

Chris Wilson (00:49:04 GMT)

Sounds like a Amy Winehouse tribute song.

Noelinho (00:50:20 GMT)

Doesn't it just? She almost sounds British.

Chris Wilson (00:51:00 GMT)

Yeah really good accent! I hadn't even thought about it!

Noelinho (00:52:40 GMT)

And still we keep going. Estonia now. Much more subdued, but it's a decent entry. Hopefully it can get a respectable mid table finish tonight.

Sarah Lynch (00:53:15 GMT)

Go Estonia! (I'm 1/4 Estonian) :)

Noelinho (00:53:57 GMT)

Aha! I knew I'd drag someone in from the office!

Noelinho (00:54:34 GMT)

I do like Estonia. Still think they should have finished much higher up last year. I think this will do well.

Sarah Lynch (00:54:47 GMT)

Saw your tweet, had enough sunshine for the day

Noelinho (00:55:08 GMT)

Mind you, no one has worked out what Kuula is yet. Apparently it's long grass or something isn Latvian.

Noelinho (00:56:19 GMT)

Two more and we've hit halfway. Norway now. I'm not a big fan of this, but it was definitely one of the better qualifiers from semi final 2, which was DIRE.

Sarah Lynch (00:56:37 GMT)

The red button has it as "listen" on the sing along thingy

Chris Wilson (00:57:23 GMT)

Started promising but it's gone down hill

Noelinho (00:57:39 GMT)

Oh, that's good to know. Bored button here, sadly.

Noelinho (00:58:00 GMT)

That should be "no red button".

Sarah Lynch (01:00:03 GMT)

It's quite comedy. Someone is obviously putting the lines up manually which means reaching the chorus well before the singer gets there mostly. Most obvious in the Russian song so far because the chorus was in English

Noelinho (01:00:44 GMT)

Why are we having a break after 12 songs and not 14? It's not because Azerbaijan go next is it? No, it would never be that. Only a cynic would think that.

Chris Wilson (01:03:26 GMT)

When is the best point though? I guess about 2 or 3 from the end.

Noelinho (01:04:00 GMT)

Azerbaijan with "When Da Music Dies". Or at least, that's what she's singing. Didn't quite learn that word.

Noelinho (01:04:13 GMT)

Maybe she's trying to be hip.

Evija (01:05:32 GMT)

Nice dress, Azerbaijan!

Sarah Lynch (01:06:50 GMT)

haha, having to leave a band member in the green room?! Did they draw straws?

Noelinho (01:07:08 GMT)

Romania. A potential sleeper candidate to steal an unlikely victory? It's definitely catchy.

Noelinho (01:09:34 GMT)

Best possible place is last. They reckon the last 10 have an advantage, but I'd limit it to the last half dozen.

Evija (01:09:53 GMT)

Romania was really good! Romania nearly always have great songs! Wonder why they never win…

Noelinho (01:10:00 GMT)

I think the guy they left behind in the Green Room plays the triangle, so I suspect it wasn't a hard choice.

Noelinho (01:10:35 GMT)

Denmark now. Potential winner, but stuck between Romania and Greece. Raw draw.

Chris Wilson (01:10:41 GMT)

The middle has to be the worst, you don't have the first entery time, people will leave for loo breaks, other songs to crowd you out etc.

Noelinho (01:11:16 GMT)

I'm told the Romanian girl forgot one her lines in the Jury Final. So she won't win then.

Sarah Lynch (01:11:34 GMT)

She'd be better without the charity shop hat

Chris Wilson (01:11:38 GMT)

Romania was good, I think Russia has got to be favourite.

Noelinho (01:12:58 GMT)

The xylophone player is actually another rejected Romanian band member.

Chris Wilson (01:13:37 GMT)

Comment: "Denmark is like something teenagers would hear on Dawson's Creek"

Evija (01:13:51 GMT)

Denmark - my favourite! I loved the outfits of her backvocal team! Very cool!

Noelinho (01:14:33 GMT)

I think the jury vote has to go against Russia.

Noelinho (01:15:10 GMT)

Greece now, with an even shorter skirt and an even worse voice than earlier in the week.

Noelinho (01:15:59 GMT)

Docking points for visible underwear. Unnecessary.

Noelinho (01:18:16 GMT)


Noelinho (01:21:09 GMT)

Awesomeness :-)

Sarah Lynch (01:22:34 GMT)

A David Guetta remix would be even better

Noelinho (01:23:01 GMT)

There have been a few remixes actually.

Noelinho (01:23:37 GMT)

Turkey now. A bit weird. I think he thinks he's a navy commander. He's actually just a plonker, but we'll keep quiet about that.

Noelinho (01:25:35 GMT)

You have to be careful when you say "ship" in English. He fails.

Noelinho (01:26:25 GMT)

It's the Black Watch Christmas panto.

Noelinho (01:28:04 GMT)

Spain. Boring.

Chris Wilson (01:28:17 GMT)

Yay songs in someones Native language. Bonus points!

Sarah Lynch (01:30:42 GMT)

Quite like this, Spain too poor to host next year though

Chris Wilson (01:31:34 GMT)

Friend told me the government told her not to win as they couldn't afford it. Chance for Britain to host yet?

Noelinho (01:31:48 GMT)

Germany. Another potential winner.

Noelinho (01:32:46 GMT)

Yeah, Chris, that's not actually true. The BBC lazily made an interview with her sound like that. It's not what she said.

Sarah Lynch (01:36:12 GMT)

stupid glove

Noelinho (01:37:17 GMT)

Malta's entry is quite nice. Don't think they have enough firm friends or enough influence to win though.

Noelinho (01:38:18 GMT)

That was a really profound comment, by the way.

Sarah Lynch (01:38:58 GMT)

Quite a few potential winners I think. No one that's miles away in front

Noelinho (01:39:58 GMT)

Macedonia is drawing a blank in my mind. Genuinely can't remember a thing about it. That good.

Noelinho (01:40:56 GMT)

Oh right, yeah, I remember now. It's like what a female Nigel Farage would do if he was singing about a world without Europe.

Noelinho (01:41:27 GMT)

And the heavy bit that just started? That's his vision of a world with Europe, followed by his espousal of how we rid ourselves of it.

Noelinho (01:41:40 GMT)

Not an OTT interpretation at all.

Sarah Lynch (01:42:01 GMT)

Haha, read your comment, Noel, glanced at the screen and the lyric was "Half of me is in you"

Sarah Lynch (01:43:07 GMT)

Zombie Jedward!

Noelinho (01:44:25 GMT)

Jedward. Nuff said. Definitely not sung. That's beyond them. Catchy though.

Noelinho (01:44:53 GMT)

This is not a winner.

Noelinho (01:48:30 GMT)

Serbia have a cracking shot at stealing victory from Loreen. I think they have to start as favourites tonight.

Evija (01:49:04 GMT)

Jedward was really great! I really like the song! I enjoyed their performance, the only one when Norwegian commentator sounded happy and was laughing :)

Evija (01:49:04 GMT)

Jedward was really great! I really like the song! I enjoyed their performance, the only one when Norwegian commentator sounded happy and was laughing :)

Noelinho (01:51:24 GMT)

I don't know, that could have been better.

Noelinho (01:51:45 GMT)

Ukraine now. Not a winner, but I think it'll do quite well.

Noelinho (01:52:24 GMT)

This has a great tune. They've also stolen Blue's screens from last year.

Sarah Lynch (01:52:52 GMT)

The beauty and the beast version is better

Noelinho (01:54:12 GMT)

I love that trumpet.

Noelinho (01:55:09 GMT)

Moldova is the last entry. Don't bother. It's a circus act. Get your tea made now.

Noelinho (01:57:47 GMT)

Dancing like Egyptians. Minus points.

Noelinho (01:59:06 GMT)

Err, right. Glad that one's done…

Sarah Lynch (01:59:34 GMT)

Time to put the tv on mute now?

Noelinho (02:00:41 GMT)

Yeah, it's the Azerbaijan President's son in law or something. Family affair.

Noelinho (02:01:14 GMT)

Must be great to be a dictator.

Noelinho (02:01:45 GMT)

So, who was best and who was worst? And who will win?

Sarah Lynch (02:03:46 GMT)

Albania def worst

Sarah Lynch (02:04:23 GMT)

I liked Iceland, can't pick who will win

Noelinho (02:06:47 GMT)

I liked Iceland, Cyprus, Italy, Norway, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine.

Noelinho (02:07:50 GMT)

I think Serbia are my pick to win, Lithuania to come last.

Sarah Lynch (02:12:19 GMT)

I hoe the UK doesn't do badly, quite liked our entry too

Noelinho (02:14:10 GMT)

I think we'll end up with a respectable position.

Noelinho (02:18:19 GMT)

Having a break until the results come in.

Aimee (02:28:33 GMT)

My vote is with Denmark!

Noelinho (02:29:42 GMT)

Oh, results are starting to come in. Let's see how it goes…

Noelinho (02:33:47 GMT)

So, Sweden currently leading from Serbia. Have to see it as a race between these two tonight.

Sarah Lynch (02:35:31 GMT)

a point!

Noelinho (02:35:41 GMT)

Why do the UK, Romania, Denmark, Norway and Iceland have 0 points? :(

Sarah Lynch (02:36:12 GMT)

not UK we have ONE!!!

Noelinho (02:37:23 GMT)

Woo! One point!

Noelinho (02:38:42 GMT)

Look what San Marino sent. They shouldn't be allowed a vote.

Sarah Lynch (02:44:06 GMT)

How on earth is Albania doing so well?

Sarah Lynch (02:44:42 GMT)

Good to see bloc voting alive and well too ;)

Noelinho (02:46:28 GMT)

Booking my hotel for Stockholm or Gothenburg then.

Sarah Lynch (02:51:48 GMT)

Think they should change eurovision rules in that you're not allowed to give 12 points to a country you share a border with or used to own/be owned by

Sarah Lynch (02:58:56 GMT)

Last! Noooo :(

Noelinho (02:59:45 GMT)

Europe, you suck. Last :(

Sarah Lynch (03:02:19 GMT)

5 point from estonia! :D

Sarah Lynch (03:02:47 GMT)

It's cos of the family connection, obv

Noelinho (03:03:56 GMT)


Sarah Lynch (03:04:24 GMT)


Sarah Lynch (03:06:49 GMT)

haha Finland! Are they pissed off at not being in the final?

Noelinho (03:08:24 GMT)

Probably. Hope we don't finish last.

Noelinho (03:21:16 GMT)

Oh right, yeah - Sweden won!

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