Eurovision Song Contest Final

Saturday 18 May 2013, 19:00 GMT

Twenty-six countries are vying for the 2013 Eurovision trophy, but only one can win it. Will Emmelie de Forest take it back to Denmark? Or can Ukraine, Norway, or even Italy take advantage of late slots to steal victory?

Noelinho (22:15:02 GMT)

Welcome to the live comments for the 2013 Eurovision final! The final starts at 9pm CEST / 8pm BST and is live on BBC One.

Noelinho (17:48:03 GMT)

Not long until it starts now… who do you think will win tonight? And who come last?

Will^ (17:57:56 GMT)

Evening all. Last year we just watched the count, today we're in the for whole thing.

Ryan (17:58:29 GMT)

I'll try and be in two places at once but not sure I'll manage it. Going for Norway-Denmark-Azerbaijan-Italy-Greece (Top 5 in no specific order)

Noelinho (17:59:22 GMT)


Noelinho (17:59:37 GMT)

Unfortunately, I'm still eating my dinner!

Noelinho (18:00:50 GMT)

And we're off! The 2013 Eurovision final is starting NOW!

Connor (18:03:14 GMT)

Lets get ready to rumble!

Chris Wilson (18:03:38 GMT)

Hey everyone, Joining you from Spain this year :)

Noelinho (18:04:17 GMT)

Graham Norton made a topical reference to Colony Collapse Disorder. Good man.

Noelinho (18:04:38 GMT)

Hi Chris, so glad you made it! I was wondering if you'd manage it.

Noelinho (18:05:10 GMT)

So, for those who haven't so far, who's your top three?

Chris Wilson (18:05:58 GMT)

Easier this year as we're an hour earlier. Ukraine was Brutal! Top three that I think or want?

Noelinho (18:06:30 GMT)

Think or want - both, in fact!

Noelinho (18:07:42 GMT)

I want Denmark to win, followed by Ukraine, then Italy. I think Denmark will win, perhaps Georgia second, and third… oh, I've no idea.

Noelinho (18:12:25 GMT)

Is anyone going to vote tonight? Who for?

Connor (18:13:11 GMT)

I'm hoping Denmark. Shame we haven't got the app voting yet

Noelinho (18:13:16 GMT)

If Greece win, I'd love to see how they host it next year…

Noelinho (18:14:16 GMT)

We're off! France up first, with Amandine Bourgeois.

Chris Wilson (18:15:02 GMT)

hummm…Don't know exactly so I'll go with "want" the countries I've lived in Ukraine, Spain, UK. and think….I don't know, I haven't seen them yet.

Chris Wilson (18:15:28 GMT)

Singing in their native language is always bonus points for me.

Noelinho (18:16:19 GMT)

For me too. I love this entry. Will struggle to do well though. I like the presentation.

Noelinho (18:17:24 GMT)

Don't hold out for UK app voting Connor - think it's a conscious decision to have phone voting only.

Noelinho (18:17:37 GMT)

Thumbs up from me to that one, good starter!

Chris Wilson (18:18:17 GMT)

Nice starter as you say. Much better than soppy love song to start.

Noelinho (18:18:19 GMT)

Lithuania now - a surprise qualifier from the semi finals. COuld finish last tonight - if Spain doesn't.

Noelinho (18:19:33 GMT)

This really should finish last!

Connor (18:19:38 GMT)

Yeah seems to be atm

Noelinho (18:20:29 GMT)

This must have qualified through diasporz voting. It's awful.

Chris Wilson (18:21:25 GMT)

Who calls their shoes Love and Pain?

Chris Wilson (18:21:35 GMT)

Someone who finishes last that's who

Noelinho (18:22:09 GMT)

Third up, Moldova. It's a shame this is so early on - with a later slot, I think this would do really well. Maybe it still can?

Noelinho (18:23:44 GMT)

Watch the dress… although you can't miss it.

Noelinho (18:24:58 GMT)

Top gimmick, the dress.

Evija (18:25:07 GMT)

Lithuanian was nice ;)

Noelinho (18:25:51 GMT)

Hope she got off the stage without any trouble.

Evija (18:26:19 GMT)

Moldavian sounded nice, if it was Moldavian language

Noelinho (18:26:46 GMT)

Fourth song: Finland. This is the reason Turkey aren't showing Eurovision.

Chris Wilson (18:27:18 GMT)

I believe it was Moldovan, Sounded related to Russian but showed similarities with Eastern Slavic languages.

Chris Wilson (18:28:22 GMT)

The 80s called and their want their glove and shoes back

Noelinho (18:28:45 GMT)

Saying "ding dong" with a Finnish accent is amusing :-)

Noelinho (18:29:18 GMT)

I love the knee support.

Noelinho (18:29:32 GMT)

Gay vote, right there.

Chris Wilson (18:30:27 GMT)

Ah the lesbian kiss, I mean twist. no wait I mean kiss.

Evija (18:30:34 GMT)

Not Russian at all! Russian sounds like rubbish.. For me sounded a bit like Italian (about Moldova)..

Noelinho (18:30:44 GMT)

Spain next. It's the most likely entry to finish last tonight - undeserving of finishing last though!

Noelinho (18:32:44 GMT)

This is out of tune. Wooden spoon credentials growinbg fast.

Evija (18:33:43 GMT)

The stage and the hall is just amazing this year!

Noelinho (18:34:45 GMT)

Belgium up next. A surprise qualifier for some, I think this is quite good, but it won't do very well tonight. Let down by bad presentation.

Noelinho (18:35:04 GMT)

The stage is great :-)

Connor (18:36:46 GMT)

Agreed on the arena

Noelinho (18:36:54 GMT)

Never mind love killing, the dancing is killing me.

Noelinho (18:39:19 GMT)

Estonia now - did well to qualify, with a very nice song. Hope it does well - it's in Estonian too!

Noelinho (18:40:38 GMT)

This is similar to what Spain tried, only much better.

Chris Wilson (18:41:42 GMT)

I guess this is in Estonia. Never heard it before. (Apparently this singer is pregnant!)

Noelinho (18:41:58 GMT)

That was wonderful. Loved every second of it.

Noelinho (18:43:29 GMT)

Belarus were a surprise qualifier too, but deserved, I think. They don't often make the final. This is a good, upbeat song, will probably finish halfway down the second half of the leaderboard though.

Noelinho (18:45:10 GMT)

Solayon, Solayoh, where the sound is always shining on you!

Noelinho (18:45:50 GMT)

Yes, Chris, it was in Estonian. A very beautiful langauge. One of my favourites to listen to. Would love to learn it!

Evija (18:46:35 GMT)

Loved Estonia! Beautiful language- I have even studied it for one year..don't remember much though. A bit political '"like" from me as I am from Latvia.. Will support Latvia's small lovely neighbouring country.

Noelinho (18:46:47 GMT)

Right, where are we up to? Ah, yes. Malta. Gianluca - a doctor - bringing this one to you. I'm rather enjoying the balance the producers have brough to the final in picking the slots this year.

Chris Wilson (18:47:19 GMT)

oooo Ukulele.

Noelinho (18:47:29 GMT)

Only the Lamtese would sing about risk assessments with a smile.

Noelinho (18:50:05 GMT)

Graham Norton says this isn't right for Eurovision. He's wrong. It's perfect. Won't win though.

Noelinho (18:50:46 GMT)

Russia now. Fifth favourite. Very catchy. Very predictable. Probably won't win, but it's good enough to win.

Noelinho (18:51:12 GMT)

"What if we were unified" - secret Stalinism at work!

Aimee (18:51:52 GMT)

Grr brother in law who husband assured me would only be here a couple of hours has just left! I'm in.time for Malta though :)

Noelinho (18:53:26 GMT)

Oh dear, did wonder where you were Aimee! Still, some greayt entries left to come :-)

Noelinho (18:53:46 GMT)

It's time to turn the table onto page two!

Evija (18:53:55 GMT)

nicest song from Russia in last 100 years!! beautiful lamps on the stage :)

Noelinho (18:54:49 GMT)

Germany up next. Cascada is their entry this year. And I don't really see the similarities to Euphoria in this… Should be top ten, but the presentation isn't great.

Noelinho (18:56:33 GMT)

Oh dear, off-key. When you combine that with the poor staging, this will struggle.

Aimee (18:57:16 GMT)

I think this could do well, quite catchy, I can imagine this being played in a club. Like the dress too!

Connor (18:57:37 GMT)

Yeah rocky start. Being a well known artist in Europe might help a bit

Evija (18:58:33 GMT)

I don't thing Germany will do so well, somewhere in the middle rather..

Noelinho (18:58:45 GMT)

Armenia next. Scraped through mysteriously from the semis. Bottom five tonight, I think. Oh, and it's the obligatory eco-song. Boring!

Noelinho (18:59:06 GMT)

Yes, after that performance, I think Germany will be somewhere arounf 11-15.

Aimee (18:59:15 GMT)

Ooh harsh comment there Graham!

Noelinho (18:59:25 GMT)

Oh, this is awful. Please, fast forward two minutes.

Chris Wilson (19:00:04 GMT)

Apparently these guys are like Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin according to the Spanish commentator… clearly he has never heard them.

Noelinho (19:00:34 GMT)

They're like the black death.

Chris Wilson (19:00:55 GMT)


Noelinho (19:01:28 GMT)

After this: Lynda Woodruff!

Noelinho (19:01:55 GMT)

Well, a bit of Petra first.

Noelinho (19:06:39 GMT)

After a short break, it's Anouk, representing the Netherlands. They qualified fromn the semis! ANd this is a great song. Hope it does really well. Bottom end of the top ten, I think.

Chris Wilson (19:09:31 GMT)

She has a good voice. Nice quality. Not sure abut the song…

Noelinho (19:09:40 GMT)

Gosh, seems like no one else likes this looking at Twitter and other sites. Mind you, it is known as "suicide song". Not a Eurovision friendly subject.

Aimee (19:10:10 GMT)

Really like that. Hope it does well!

Noelinho (19:10:18 GMT)

Oh, Romania now. To mute, or not to mute? That is the question.

Aimee (19:10:54 GMT)

Romania! Been looking forward to this!

Noelinho (19:10:55 GMT)


Chris Wilson (19:12:21 GMT)

Dracula times falsetto. What could you possible not like about that? Very Eurovision. Will do okay but can't see it winning.

Noelinho (19:13:09 GMT)

What is it with everyone growing this year?

Aimee (19:14:20 GMT)


Evija (19:14:30 GMT)

He's a funny guy! enjoyed the press conference ;)

Noelinho (19:14:40 GMT)

Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Trouble is, this is a crap song. Fifteen years too late. Oh well, at least the UK shouldn't be last.

Connor (19:15:33 GMT)

Lets hope we beat last years tally of 12 points

Noelinho (19:16:08 GMT)

Car crash. Absolute car crash.

Aimee (19:16:10 GMT)

I haven't seen her perform this before except in the video, but she looks a bit stiff…

Chris Wilson (19:16:13 GMT)

Where's my lighter!

Aimee (19:16:40 GMT)

She doesn't really look like she's enjoying it.

Stephen Jones (19:17:33 GMT)

What a disastrous start for Bonnie, and it's not really gotten any better!

Aimee (19:17:57 GMT)

Seems relieved its over!

Chris Wilson (19:18:19 GMT)

I'm not ashamed of our entry this year (unlike other years). I don't think it will win but at least we didn't do something like put forward someone dressed as a school teacher with a group of "school girls" as his back up singers/dancers. [that was bad]

Ryan (19:18:46 GMT)

That wasn't bad. Scooch was bad.

Evija (19:18:51 GMT)

I like Sweden a lot!!

Noelinho (19:19:23 GMT)

Sweden - this year's hosts. Should be about mid-table.

Noelinho (19:21:15 GMT)

Sweden do love their strange dancing.

Aimee (19:22:13 GMT)

I like this. Very memorable. Could be up there I reckon.

Noelinho (19:22:33 GMT)

Hungary! SOmething different at least. Not sure how well this will do. Lovely backdrop though.

Evija (19:24:47 GMT)

Everyone seems to like this :) it is really nice!!

Aimee (19:25:53 GMT)

Nice background but a bit boring for me.

Noelinho (19:26:44 GMT)

Denmark now! Favourites to win. Can they do it? They're my tip to win anyway.

Chris Wilson (19:27:12 GMT)

Suddenly realised. That was ad music. You know the music where they take out the lyrics and then have it playing in the background on a loop!

Aimee (19:27:43 GMT)

Gutted at Bonnie's performance. It was a rubbish song so never going to do well, but the poor performance ensures low marks. Let's hope she dis better in the dress rehearsal.

Aimee (19:28:02 GMT)

Easy to see why this is the favourite.

Stephen Jones (19:28:18 GMT)

Is Shakira performing for Denmark?

Noelinho (19:29:04 GMT)

Yep, good song, good staging, varied, memorable, good beat, well sung. Has everything you need - just a question of how much people like it. Will they like something else more? Still Georgia, Ukraine and Norway to come.

Noelinho (19:29:14 GMT)

Hi Stephen!

Chris Wilson (19:29:34 GMT)

I see the drummers have taken a leaf out of Coldplay's Viva La Vidal Clothes

Evija (19:30:08 GMT)

Shakira? Come on!!? Love Denmark :)

Noelinho (19:31:00 GMT)

Iceland now. The song is in Icelandic. The preview video was great, and this is a well-sung song.

Noelinho (19:31:18 GMT)

Graham Norton's right - if Norway wins, it won't be a runaway winner.

Evija (19:31:30 GMT)

Love Iceland..probably my favourite.I like the lovely houses so cute

Connor (19:31:34 GMT)

Denmark ftw for me

Noelinho (19:31:39 GMT)

Yelloe leaves, yellow leaves - must still be Autumn in Iceland.

Noelinho (19:34:20 GMT)

OK, now on to one of the more boring and undeserving qualifiers… Azerbaijan. It'll do well, though it shouldn't.

Aimee (19:35:31 GMT)

I didn't enjoy that at the semi final, but I did then. Maybe its grown on me!

Noelinho (19:37:10 GMT)

No ,don't hold me. Leave me. Leave the stage now. Please, go.

Evija (19:37:28 GMT)

I don't like it..though the shadow guy is kind of interesting

Noelinho (19:37:32 GMT)

This is gimmick central.

Evija (19:38:42 GMT)

Crap is free..Hugh.crap!

Noelinho (19:39:02 GMT)

Turn to page three! Greece is up next. An outside shout to win? Could do well from the ex-Yougoslavian states. But where would they host this next year? Well, hopefully the juries voted this down anyway.

Aimee (19:39:13 GMT)

Greece! If Malta doesn't win I hope this does.

Chris Wilson (19:39:55 GMT)

Didn't realise that the greek Gogo Bordello we're here

Noelinho (19:40:47 GMT)

Oh, they mentioned Ikea.

Noelinho (19:41:48 GMT)

Oh good, it's over.

Evija (19:42:08 GMT)

I would prefer listening twice to Ukraine instead of Greece :)

Evija (19:42:44 GMT) Ukraine's song!!!

Noelinho (19:42:58 GMT)

Ukraine now. Second favourite for a while this week - third favourite now. The best song in the contest, I think, but let down by the staging. With better staging, this would be the favourite to win. It's still a contender though.

Connor (19:46:31 GMT)

That came across better to me than it did in the semis

Noelinho (19:46:37 GMT)

Italy now. A beautiful entry - may not go down quite so well with Europe though.

Noelinho (19:47:09 GMT)

I agree, Connor. And much later than Denmark. Contender.

Noelinho (19:48:37 GMT)

I love the Italian entry. I just wish others would too!

Aimee (19:48:46 GMT)

Lovely song, but Graham is right, let down by boring staging.

Evija (19:49:09 GMT)


Chris Wilson (19:49:14 GMT)

Will Ukraine get the "political" votes? The scandanavian countries can pretty much be guranteed for 12 points to the best of their group, not sure the same is true of the ex-USSR ones. I like this one.

Noelinho (19:50:57 GMT)

Norway on next. Second favourite to win. Not doubting the jury potential, but televotes? Not convinced it can win enough of those to win…

Evija (19:51:27 GMT)

I think Ukraine will get quite some support from Latvia. I would say about 8 points. We can't stop all Russians in Riga :(

Noelinho (19:52:29 GMT)

I think people overplay the political card.

Chris Wilson (19:52:48 GMT)

A bit of "jem" (not sure if that's right) influence here?

Noelinho (19:53:17 GMT)

OK, this has been presented well, just hard to judge…

Aimee (19:54:14 GMT)

I almost like this, but not quite. Not sure what's missing nut it doesn't quite do it for me.

Evija (19:54:15 GMT)

YakhI don't like this one from Norway ( and I am huge fan of Norwegian music)

Noelinho (19:54:37 GMT)

Penultimate song, Georgia. I don't think this will do as well as people think, but I could be wrong. Nice song.

Chris Wilson (19:55:53 GMT)

Side note, I really want to go to Georgia. Amazing food and the script just looks fantastic.

Aimee (19:57:20 GMT)

Nice song but only mid table I think.

Noelinho (19:57:28 GMT)

Weird factL Georgians have tea by their relatives' graves. It was on the BBC website earlier this week.

Noelinho (19:57:48 GMT)

Good use of a wind machine.

Evija (19:57:52 GMT)

Not my favourite, but I do like this song

Chris Wilson (19:58:25 GMT)

Time for my lovely horse (I had no idea about that and Georgians)

Noelinho (19:58:47 GMT)

Final song: Ireland! This has prime placing, and it will mean it does quite well.

Noelinho (19:59:59 GMT)

Apparently this did badly in the jury final.

Aimee (19:59:59 GMT)

Really want her dress though!

Aimee (20:00:44 GMT)

Another one I prefer tonight to the semi final. I think it could sneak into top ten with it being last.

Noelinho (20:01:18 GMT)

This will do well in the televote.

Chris Wilson (20:02:50 GMT)

it's got a lot of core elements, Last, Upbeat, eurodance beat, modern twist with dubstep influences. Could be the top choice for the UK.

Aimee (20:03:08 GMT)

Uh oh racist designer alert.

Noelinho (20:03:19 GMT)

All 26 are over! Who would you vote for?

Chris Wilson (20:03:20 GMT)

oh and topless men to appeal to the female/gay vote.

Chris Wilson (20:06:21 GMT)

Updated predictions anyone?

Chris Wilson (20:10:08 GMT)

Last place = Lithuanian I'm afraid. I can see Spain (some how) getting votes but Lithuania just seemed so forgettable IMO. Top three…Denmark, Ukraine and ….Iceland.

Aimee (20:10:39 GMT)

I'd like to see Malta, Greece, Sweden or the Netherlands to win. Also liked Denmark and Finland was fun. I voted for Malta and Greece.

Stephen Jones (20:13:51 GMT)

Had to pause the TV for a bit, so fell behind the live comments. My favourite were Malta, Greece were a lot of fun, and I also liked Armenia, but they don't have a hope!

Noelinho (20:13:56 GMT)

OK, so I voted for France, Finland, Denmark and Ukraine.

Noelinho (20:14:32 GMT)

Lithuania will get votes from Latvia.

Noelinho (20:15:10 GMT)

I have no idea who will win after that.

Evija (20:15:51 GMT)

Voting for Greece…? That was horrible song…

Aimee (20:16:49 GMT)

It was a lot of fun! And fun is what Eurovision is all about!

Aimee (20:18:03 GMT)

Oh I liked Russia too. Don't think they will come close but nice song.

Evija (20:19:42 GMT)

I'm glad you liked Aimee :) something for everyone, that's why I love Eurovision. I would note like if it wins though. I liked Estonia, Iceland, Ukraine and Denmark pretty equally. voted for Estonia, Iceland and Ukraine.

Stephen Jones (20:20:06 GMT)

Greece just made me smile. My wife liked the Russian song best. Noel, seriously, did you vote for Finland? Why?

Noelinho (20:20:48 GMT)

Lena, Yohio, Scott Mills and Tooji are all presenting votes tonight.

Noelinho (20:21:28 GMT)

It's a fun, catchy song :-)

Evija (20:21:34 GMT)

Finland was great. I didn't like that kiss..

Stephen Jones (20:22:57 GMT)

Agreed about the kiss, just a publicity stunt. Fun but a bit too trashy for me. Unless we had done it, and then my bias would have blinded me!

Connor (20:23:58 GMT)

Before i forget, a big thank you to Noelinho for the site/live comments, much appreciated. And nice to chat/share the night with you all even just a little bit :)

Chris Wilson (20:24:23 GMT)

What's going on with British TV? Here in Spain we have trailers for TV programs. Tomorrow there is Mamma Mia, there's a new series of Masterchef…

Chris Wilson (20:24:42 GMT)

Good call Connor. Thanks Noel :)

Noelinho (20:26:17 GMT)

No problem, folks. I'm hoping to develop a few more things, but I need to find some time to get anywhere with it…

Noelinho (20:26:45 GMT)

We're currently seeing the interval act, Chris. You can see it on too!

Chris Wilson (20:27:59 GMT)

We're back now in Spain.

Noelinho (20:32:01 GMT)

Dana International!

Noelinho (20:34:47 GMT)

So, predictions, 1-2-3 and 24-25-26. What do you think? No sitting on the fence, put your predictions on the table!

Connor (20:37:50 GMT)

1. Denmark, 2. Greece, 3. Ukraine 24. Hungary, 25. Holland, 26. Lithuania

Noelinho (20:38:21 GMT)

I'm going for Denmark-Ukraine-Norway and Armenia-Lithuania-Spain. I'm ready to be spectacularly wrong.

Noelinho (20:39:39 GMT)

We're getting the votes in!

Noelinho (20:40:29 GMT)

France, 8 points! Wow, good start for them. Didn't expect that. But San Marino is an atypical country.

Noelinho (20:40:43 GMT)

Greece, 12 points. Hope that's the only one.

Noelinho (20:41:35 GMT)

12 points from Sweden to Norway. No surprise.

Noelinho (20:42:40 GMT)

Italy get their first 12 points.

Noelinho (20:44:55 GMT)

12 points from Austria to Azerbaijan.

Noelinho (20:45:40 GMT)

12 points from the UK to Denmark. No points for Norway there.

Noelinho (20:48:52 GMT)

12 points from Ukraine to Belarus. Interesting.

Noelinho (20:50:15 GMT)

The UK now has four points - one third of the way to last year's total.

Noelinho (20:50:41 GMT)

Only Estonia still scoreless on the scoreboard.

Evija (20:52:46 GMT)

Oh..Estonia <3

Noelinho (20:53:18 GMT)

12 points from Azerbaijan to Ukraine.

Chris Wilson (20:54:12 GMT)

My Ukrainian Is VERY rusty and my Azabizania is non existent but I'm fairly sure that host spoke in Ukranian.

Noelinho (20:55:10 GMT)

12 points from Armenia to Ukraine.

Noelinho (20:56:19 GMT)

Finland only have seven points!

Noelinho (20:57:25 GMT)

The UK and Ireland now at the bottom of the leaderboard…

Noelinho (20:57:41 GMT)

12 points from Finland to Norway.

Noelinho (20:58:04 GMT)

Four points from Spain to the UK! They clearly have no taste.

Noelinho (20:59:33 GMT)

12 points from Belarus to Ukraine.

Noelinho (21:00:24 GMT)

Current standings: Denmark 135 Ukraine 113 Azerbaijan 100 Norway 96 Malta 87

Noelinho (21:00:49 GMT)

Twelve points from Latvia to Russia.

Aimee (21:01:23 GMT)

I was very wrong about Ireland!

Noelinho (21:01:45 GMT)

Poor jury final must have hurt them a lot.

Noelinho (21:05:10 GMT)

Three of the big five in the bottom five.

Aimee (21:05:29 GMT)

Finland doing worse than I thought they would too.

Aimee (21:07:56 GMT)

We can usually rely on Malta to give us some points.

Noelinho (21:08:04 GMT)

The UK beats last year's score, with five points from Malta. We now have 13.

Aimee (21:08:28 GMT)

Hello Rolf!

Aimee (21:08:48 GMT)

He'd have got my vote!

Noelinho (21:09:34 GMT)

It's Lena :-)

Noelinho (21:10:38 GMT)

Oooh, Lena got it wrong :-( No points for Norway!

Noelinho (21:11:52 GMT)

Denmark are starting to pull away now.

Noelinho (21:13:09 GMT), I think.

Aimee (21:13:50 GMT)

Well for all bonnie's banging in about having loads of German fans we are still in the bottom 5!

Noelinho (21:14:20 GMT)

UK gives Ireland 1 point, Ireland gives UK 7 points. Makes a change to be that way round!

Aimee (21:14:34 GMT)

C'mon member of westlife give us some points!

Noelinho (21:14:43 GMT)

Trouble is, it was a weak song, badly sung.

Aimee (21:14:44 GMT)

Ooh 7!

Noelinho (21:15:54 GMT)

Of the big five, only Italy are doing well. They're also the only country that made a reall good effort this year.

Noelinho (21:19:55 GMT)

Denmark have officially won.

Noelinho (21:23:12 GMT)

Really hope Ukraine finish second.

Noelinho (21:24:47 GMT)

Final scores: Denmark 281 Azerbaijan 222 Ukraine 216 Norway 191 Russia 174

Aimee (21:26:29 GMT)

Ahh worthy winner. Cheers everyone! Til next year! X

Stephen Jones (21:27:54 GMT)

Cheers Noel.

Noelinho (21:28:38 GMT)

Denmark, a worthy winner.

Connor (21:29:36 GMT)

Woop Denmark! :)

Noelinho (21:32:30 GMT)

Excellent, well thanks for the comments everyone - it was fun.

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