Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2

Thursday 16 May 2013, 19:00 GMT

After Tuesday's first semi final, ten more countries can qualify for Saturday night. Watch out for here include Norway (Margaret Berger), Finland (Krista Siegrids) and Azerbaijan (Farid Mammadov).

Noelinho (22:40:09 GMT)

Welcome to coverage of the second semi final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The semi final starts at 2000 BST / 2100 CEST, so come back then for more!

Noelinho (17:57:53 GMT)

Almost time for semi final 2 to start! Who do you think will qualify tonight?

Ryan (17:59:39 GMT)

Hellllloo Europe. Struggling to think who will qualify…. could feasibly be any one of the 17, a lot can just sneak in. Saying that, went for: Norway, Azerbaijan, Greece, Finland, Georgia, Israel, Albania, Malta, Hungary and Iceland.

Noelinho (18:01:43 GMT)

I've marked the countries I think will qualify with an asterisk in the table above.

Noelinho (18:03:21 GMT)

There are a few I expect to qualify: Greece, Finland, Norway, and Azerbaijan, but the rest, it's anyone's guess.

Ryan (18:04:22 GMT)

Yeah I agree, those four for certain, the other lot though have qualities that make it very plausible for them to qualify.

Noelinho (18:04:52 GMT)

This is quite a nice, relaxed opening = helpful when I'm a bit behind it all!

Noelinho (18:05:29 GMT)

I still love the butterflies. Oh, and Petra's dress is… interesting.

Noelinho (18:07:34 GMT)

Petra still sounding a little condescending. At least there are no awkward jokes with other hosts this year!

Noelinho (18:08:12 GMT)

First up tonight, Latvia. I think this will just miss out on a final place, but it'S hard to tell.

Ryan (18:08:25 GMT)

I don't know, I think they got Eric Saade in for the green room stuff on Saturday.

Noelinho (18:09:37 GMT)

This is the 1990s in a nutshell. Fresh Prince and all that.

Ryan (18:10:36 GMT)

Good way to get the crowd in the mood, though.

Connor (18:12:17 GMT)

Can't fault the enthusiasm at least!

Noelinho (18:12:26 GMT)

Second up, San Marino. Hopefully Valentina Monetta can qualify for the final this year. I love this song. Really should qualify.

Ryan (18:14:02 GMT)

I fear it won't qualify, cracking song… but hmm.

Noelinho (18:14:35 GMT)

So much better than the first song. I love this. It helps that it's in Italian.

Noelinho (18:16:20 GMT)

Third up: FYR Macedonia. I've heard this is weird. We'll see.

Ryan (18:16:51 GMT)

I heard it was poor in the jury final, so might be knocked back a bit.

Noelinho (18:18:12 GMT)

The woman is slightly off-key.

Ryan (18:18:55 GMT)

I feel bad for the bloke, but I can't tell if this sort of song is meant to be sung this way.

Noelinho (18:20:51 GMT)

On to Azerbaijan. I think this is really poor, but everyone is raving about the staging.

Noelinho (18:23:59 GMT)

Awful key change, too many gimmicks.

Ryan (18:24:13 GMT)

It helps it's Azerbaijan. Oh Christ, Finland.

Noelinho (18:24:42 GMT)

Finland! I love this. Great fun, great staging!

Noelinho (18:26:54 GMT)

Sure fire qualifier.

Noelinho (18:28:06 GMT)

The lights at the top of the arena are great.

Ryan (18:28:20 GMT)

I hate the song with my life, and I just know it is going to win to spite me.

Noelinho (18:31:18 GMT)

Back to the action after a quick break, with Malta. Hoping this qualifies, but it's not guaranteed.

Ryan (18:32:24 GMT)

Is Gianluca the only non-professional singer? Doctor by day job

Noelinho (18:33:27 GMT)

This stands out well going after Finland. I think that will go in its favour.

Connor (18:33:37 GMT)

I hope this gets through, nice little song

Ryan (18:35:27 GMT)

Don't think Malta will qualify after that.

Noelinho (18:35:32 GMT)

Bulgaria next, with a song that translated into '"Only Champions'" - not '"Only Mushrooms'", which a few people thought.

aimee (18:37:15 GMT)

Always have a soft spot for Malta and liked the song. Hope it qualifies.

Noelinho (18:37:22 GMT)

They've either changed the key and ruined it, or they've just ruined it. Horrible.

Noelinho (18:37:46 GMT)

Hi Aimee, glad you made it! I think Malta will make it, hope so too :-)

Noelinho (18:38:52 GMT)

That won't qualify. Poor performance.

Noelinho (18:39:22 GMT)

Iceland next, in Icelandic for one. It's a slow, but nice, song. I hope this gets through, but it'll be tough…

Noelinho (18:41:22 GMT)

Beautiful backdrop.

Ryan (18:42:00 GMT)

Just a tad dull for me I'm afraid. Doesn't have a kick to it.

Noelinho (18:43:14 GMT)

Yes, it struggled to make a big impact.

Noelinho (18:43:46 GMT)

Greece now. Can we move on quickly please?

Ryan (18:44:06 GMT)

Woah, sir, this is going to win the whole thing.

Noelinho (18:44:22 GMT)

It'd better not!

Aimee (18:44:49 GMT)

Ooh this is fun. Like this.

Noelinho (18:45:30 GMT)

This is what happens when alcohol is free. Let that be a warning to you all.

Ryan (18:45:41 GMT)

Can it be second behind Denmark?

Noelinho (18:48:15 GMT)

Israel up now. I think this will stay in the semi finals.

Ryan (18:49:19 GMT)

Hmm, will go down well with juries, can see it making it. That and the male vote.

Noelinho (18:50:44 GMT)

Why the male vote?

Noelinho (18:51:17 GMT)

Armenia are back in the contest this year, though maybe they won't be expecting points from Azerbaijan…

Ryan (18:51:17 GMT)

As in the dress…

Noelinho (18:52:04 GMT)

Eco vote alert!

Ryan (18:53:07 GMT)

Problem is I much prefer Albania.

Noelinho (18:54:09 GMT)

This is boring.

Connor (18:55:11 GMT)

Lost amongst many of the others so far

Noelinho (18:55:51 GMT)

Hungary. We'll get some life back in the contest now :-)

Ryan (18:57:05 GMT)

Like this a lot and really want it to qualify… pessimistic about it's chances though

Noelinho (18:57:13 GMT)

Hmm. Doesn't come across nearly as well as the preview video did.

Noelinho (18:57:31 GMT)

I'm siding towards this not qualifying based on this performance.

Noelinho (18:58:59 GMT)

Five left after this, with some decent entries. I feel like we need them. Not stellar so far.

Ryan (18:59:35 GMT)

Don't think its been as bad as semi 1 though… a lot more variety at least.

Noelinho (19:00:16 GMT)

Norway - second favourite. This will do well, and qualify, but can it win the whole thing? I'm not so sure?

Noelinho (19:01:54 GMT)

I feel like this needs a bit more soul and intimacy.

Ryan (19:02:04 GMT)

Hmm… doesn't sound as good as it did in MGP… don't think it'll win.

Aimee (19:03:17 GMT)

This is second favourite? There are at least 5 songs I prefer…

Noelinho (19:04:13 GMT)

Oh, the Green Room. Time for tea.

Noelinho (19:04:36 GMT)

Yes, that was second favourite. I don't think it will even be top five.

Noelinho (19:05:37 GMT)

Albania next, with some soft rock. Quite enjoyable, and I would like it to qualify. It might just sneak in, being one of the last songs.

Ryan (19:05:40 GMT)

Come on Albania.

Noelinho (19:08:13 GMT)

This is good. It'll qualify, surely?

Aimee (19:08:36 GMT)

Do you have to drink twice if the fireworks come out of the guitar?!

Noelinho (19:09:33 GMT)

Three to go, startinhg with Georgia. They could well win this semi final.

Ryan (19:09:40 GMT)

If it doesn't qualify I will be very upset.

Noelinho (19:09:50 GMT)

Absolutely Aimee!

Noelinho (19:11:08 GMT)

I like the dress.

Noelinho (19:11:36 GMT)

It's solid, but unspectacular… so far.

Ryan (19:11:40 GMT)

Eurovision by numbers.

Noelinho (19:12:21 GMT)

The pyrotechnics worked better with the Danish song though.

Noelinho (19:13:02 GMT)

Not a winner in my book.

Ryan (19:13:14 GMT)

It reminds me of Running Scared, get the pyros in at the most obvious moments… big voices… very Eurovisiony.

Ryan (19:13:47 GMT)

So… Tblisi 2014 anyone?

Noelinho (19:13:50 GMT)

The penultimate entry: Switzerland. A Salvation Army band, but they aren't the Salvation Aremy, because that would be product placement…

Noelinho (19:14:10 GMT)

Takasa: The Artist Known As Salvation Army

Noelinho (19:14:23 GMT)

Tblisi - no.

Aimee (19:14:27 GMT)

Is it dress down Friday?

Aimee (19:15:26 GMT)

I do like the song. The old man looks as though he doesn't really know what's going on though!

Noelinho (19:15:39 GMT)

It's a feel-good song, but who will actually vote for it?

Ryan (19:16:08 GMT)

Should be more like Greece. Give the song energy, life… it's just six people in a row looking after an old guy.

Aimee (19:17:27 GMT)

Yeah they could have benefitted from a good choreographer.

Noelinho (19:17:52 GMT)

Romania now. Put your ear plugs in. It's for your own good.

Aimee (19:18:03 GMT)

The second country I have a soft spot for. Hope its good!

Aimee (19:18:35 GMT)

Alas, no.

Noelinho (19:19:22 GMT)

Paddy O'Connell just tweeted: '"A woman standing next to me singing It's My Wine'"

Aimee (19:20:38 GMT)

Is he supposed to be Dracula? I can't work out if the people are supposed to be victims or blood? Or something else completely?

Noelinho (19:21:06 GMT)

Awful. But it's got a good chance of qualifying.

Noelinho (19:21:30 GMT)

Right, predictions time: who's going to qualify?

Ryan (19:23:42 GMT)

Going for a bit of a change: Norway, Azer, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Georgia, Israel, Albania, San Marino and Romania

Noelinho (19:26:58 GMT)

I think it'll be San Marino, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Greece, Norway, Albania, Georgia, Romania and… Hungary?

Aimee (19:27:39 GMT)

Latvia, Malta, Greece, Finland, Azerbaijan, Armenia. My tv has just crashed so can't watch the other recaps to remind myself. Stupid weather.

Aimee (19:28:05 GMT)

Loved Greece, but surely they can't afford to host it?

Noelinho (19:32:07 GMT)

No, I don't think they could. They'd probably ask someone else to.

Ryan (19:33:01 GMT)

Unless they privately fund it.

Noelinho (19:37:58 GMT)

Voting is closed - results coming shortly.

Noelinho (19:40:55 GMT)

Cezar is pretty funny, I have to admit.

Noelinho (19:46:33 GMT)

Time for the results - we have a result!

Noelinho (19:49:21 GMT)

Looks like I was a bit early there…

Noelinho (19:50:01 GMT)

Of the big five, I think Bonnie Tyler's entry is the weakest.

Connor (19:50:20 GMT)

We need Mr Sand to verify first ;)

Noelinho (19:51:45 GMT)

Right, here we go!

Noelinho (19:52:15 GMT)

First qualifier: Hungary

Noelinho (19:52:36 GMT)

Second qualifier: Azerbaijan

Ryan (19:52:38 GMT)

Happy Ryan.

Noelinho (19:52:54 GMT)

Third qualifier: Georgia

Noelinho (19:53:12 GMT)

Fourth qualifier: Romania

Noelinho (19:53:33 GMT)

Fifth qualifier: Norway

Noelinho (19:54:02 GMT)

Sixth qualifier: Iceland

Noelinho (19:54:26 GMT)

Seventh qualifier: Armenia

Noelinho (19:55:15 GMT)

Eighth qualifier: Finland

Noelinho (19:55:30 GMT)

Malta and San Marino the final two?

Noelinho (19:56:00 GMT)

Ninth qualifier: Malta

Connor (19:56:13 GMT)

Yes Malta! Surely Greece in?

Noelinho (19:56:25 GMT)

Come on, San Marino, please!

Aimee (19:56:36 GMT)


Noelinho (19:56:50 GMT)

Tenth qualifier: Greece

Noelinho (19:56:57 GMT)

No San Marino :-(

Ryan (19:57:20 GMT)

Armenia over Albania? Hm.

Noelinho (19:58:06 GMT)

Gutted for San Marino. Poor draw didn't help them, but I still thought they would go through.

Ryan (19:59:38 GMT)

Happy for Malta mind, thought the performance was poor on the night but it's a really adorable song.

Noelinho (20:00:51 GMT)

Right, thanks for the comments tonight. Back on Saturday evening?

Connor (20:04:02 GMT)

Might as well watch the final i suppose… :)

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