Eurovision Song Contest

Tuesday 06 May 2014, 19:00 GMT

Copenhagen, Denmark is the host of Eurovision this year, and for once, there's no clear favourite to win. Armenia were the early favourites this year, but Hungary, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands have all been highly rated. Who will come out on top?

Noelinho (23:20:04 GMT)

Welcome to live comments for Eurovision 2014. Denmark won the competition in 2013, so this year the host city is Copenhagen.

Noelinho (00:12:10 GMT)

You can see my semi final 1 preview <a href="">on my website</a>.

Noel (18:20:09 GMT)

The semi final starts at 9pm CET (8pm BST). Coverage in Britain is on BBC Three. You're welcome to comment any time before then.

Ryan (18:36:37 GMT)

25 minutes to the greatest televisual event of the year!

Noel (18:39:10 GMT)

Hi Ryan! Not sure who else is joining, but I'm quite looking forward to the semi final. You said earlier you agreed with nine of my ten qualifiers. Which did you disagree on, and who would you put in their place?

Ryan (18:42:19 GMT)

Sweden, I think. And notably after some 'issues' they had in their jury rehearsal, think it might be more chances of that happening. Honestly can see Iceland qualifying, it's a fun song (which is quite… rare in this semi final) and has a really good message with it too.

Noelinho (18:42:22 GMT)

As usual, the running order is available, but it's moved to the right-hand side of the page, or to the bottom on small devices.

Noel (18:43:41 GMT)

I heard Sweden has technical issues, but I also heard people in the audience saying Sanna seemed completely unaffected by it. It will be a travesty if she doesn't qualify.

Ryan (18:47:42 GMT)

It will be a huge shock if Sweden don't qualify I agree, especially when in these semi finals you only have to better than six other songs to go through. And you could argue Moldova, San Marino, Belgium and presumably Latvia (although it kind of has a Malta 2013 vibe that might make it sneak in) aren't going to make it. From there its hard to be certain.

Noel (18:49:32 GMT)

People seem to think Belgium will qualify, and the betting odds suggest that too. However, I don't see it. It's not a great entry, so my feeling is people are only saying it'll qualify because they looked at the betting odds.

Ryan (18:51:22 GMT)

The issue with Belgium is that it is a kind of song that you have to get every single note perfect even to just qualify, if you slip up your screwed. That was France's problem in 2011, and I feel like it may be a similar issue again tonight.

Noel (18:58:08 GMT)

Yeah, I just find the Belgian entry a bit dull really. Plus, the guy reminds me of Paul Bearer.

Ryan (18:58:48 GMT)

I have no idea who that is, but I was thinking more the Go Compare man.

Noel (18:59:29 GMT)

Yes, he is a bit like that too.

Noelinho (19:01:07 GMT)

OK, we're ready to go :-)

Ryan (19:03:16 GMT)

A good start as iPlayer completely crashes!

Noel (19:04:51 GMT)

Oh dear, that's a bad time for it to crash.

Aimee (19:04:54 GMT)

Hello! Just checking in :)

Ryan (19:05:35 GMT)

Maybe more down to internet struggling to cope with flatmates also watching Man Utd v Hull.

Noel (19:05:47 GMT)

It's all very nice having the fan videos, but I'd just rather see Emmellie perform again.

Noel (19:06:12 GMT)

Hi Aimee! Glad you made it.

Connor (19:06:32 GMT)

Yeah just let Emmellie sing it!

Noelinho (19:06:58 GMT)

Glad to see we're back to three presenters. Having one worked last year, but it's nice to have a bit of awkward banter between the hosts.

Noel (19:07:30 GMT)

Oh great, they've already started talking over the top. Shut up!

Noel (19:07:53 GMT)

Hi Connor, glad you're joining us.

Noel (19:08:34 GMT)

Yeah, we don't compete in the semis because we pay the bills. Blah blah blah.

Noel (19:08:34 GMT)

Yeah, we don't compete in the semis because we pay the bills. Blah blah blah.

Noelinho (19:09:20 GMT)

Flags made of something we like. How about chocolate?

Noelinho (19:09:58 GMT)

OK, so Armenia's first up. The favourites to win Eurovision this year. I don't think they will win, but it is a good song.

Noelinho (19:11:24 GMT)

Off-key. Drink!

Ryan (19:11:29 GMT)

Hi Connor and Aimee… have resorted to watching on the phone!

Aimee (19:11:45 GMT)

This is the favourite?? Does it get better?

Aimee (19:12:12 GMT)

I'm not looking forward to the rest if this is the best this year has to offer!

Noelinho (19:12:45 GMT)

Favourite, my arse. The lighting and pyros are good, but the actual performance, nbot so much. I can't see this topping the jury vote.

Noelinho (19:13:22 GMT)

I can't wait to go to Copenhagen on Thursday.

Ryan (19:13:58 GMT)

Well it's still in my top 5.

Noelinho (19:14:13 GMT)

Second up, Latvia. The lead singer is German. An outsider to qualify, but it's in the dreaded number two position.

Connor (19:14:28 GMT)

i liked the general beat of it, surprised it's the fav though. Arena looks spectacular!

Noelinho (19:15:04 GMT)

Mention of polar caps. Environmental vote - drink!

Aimee (19:16:14 GMT)

Aw I like this one, they all look so happy!

Noelinho (19:16:54 GMT)

I like the song, but the bridge isn't good at all.

Aimee (19:17:12 GMT)

I'm probably influenced by the fact I really like cake…

Noelinho (19:18:12 GMT)

Third up, Estonia. Another outsider to qualify.

Noelinho (19:18:35 GMT)

Well, Aimee, in semi final 2, we get cheesecake!

Noelinho (19:20:11 GMT)

She's got the key right, which is pretty hard with this song. Lovely backdrop. This is quite promising actually.

Ryan (19:20:27 GMT)

A lot of credit for being able to sing quite well, while being chucked around all over the place.

Aimee (19:20:43 GMT)

Even better!

Noelinho (19:21:28 GMT)

That was brilliant.

Noelinho (19:22:11 GMT)

Ooh, it's Sanna Neilsen! She's the second favourite. Wonderful singer.

Ryan (19:22:41 GMT)

These postcards seem very underwhelming. 'Hey, lets get some yellow lilos.'

Noelinho (19:24:48 GMT)

I love how simple this song is. It really relies on Sanna's vocals, and that's great, because she's fabulous. I just wish the camerawork was a little more intimate.

Ryan (19:24:50 GMT)

No lighting issues this time around.

Noelinho (19:26:36 GMT)

Song number five - Iceland. Probably not a qualifier, though I do like it.

Noelinho (19:29:19 GMT)

What's with the bored looking guy in navy in the background?

Ryan (19:29:22 GMT)


Noelinho (19:32:17 GMT)

The colour in the performance probably helped.

Noelinho (19:33:01 GMT)

Albania. I think I'm the only person who picked this to qualify. We'll see if this changes my mind.

Noelinho (19:33:46 GMT)

I'm glad I remade these flags this year. They look so much better than last year's.

Noelinho (19:34:21 GMT)

She's such a great singer. Why don't people like the song? Or why do people think it won't qualify?

Noelinho (19:35:16 GMT)

It's even got a great interlude.

Ryan (19:35:24 GMT)

I think it was better in Albanian, but that's not to say I don't still like it.

Noelinho (19:37:07 GMT)

Russia next. They'll probably get quite a boo, and not just for the awful song.

Noelinho (19:39:04 GMT)

This is a lot better than the studio version. You can actually hear them sing. Maybe better than I thought.

Noelinho (19:40:08 GMT)

What's with the guy who just appeared out of nowhere?

Ryan (19:41:28 GMT)

The guy looks a bit dodgy. Starting to think their 100% record may be in danger though.

Noelinho (19:41:30 GMT)

Azerbaijan now. Possibly the best entry they've ever had.

Noelinho (19:43:05 GMT)

This is horrifically out of key.

Noelinho (19:44:29 GMT)

Hmm. That wasn't good.

Ryan (19:44:55 GMT)

Will qualify, but somewhat underwhelming.

Noelinho (19:45:14 GMT)

Ukraine now. An easy qualifier, hopefully, and with a good spot in the final, might be a good outside bet.

Noelinho (19:46:48 GMT)

Remember Azerbaijan's box last year?

Noelinho (19:47:32 GMT)

BTW, it seems the comments are occassionally tripping out and not updating. Just press CTRL F5 if you think that's the case.

Noelinho (19:48:25 GMT)

This has all the elements to win if you ask me.

Ryan (19:49:03 GMT)

I remember the first iteration of it and it was blooming awful, this, sounds like a winner.

Noelinho (19:49:40 GMT)

Belgium now. It's the Go Compare man. Or Paul Bearer.

Noelinho (19:51:36 GMT)

It's not bad, but who will actually vote for this over anything else? It's got very little to offer past what you expect of this kind of song.

Ryan (19:52:54 GMT)

Ugh… so, meh.

Noelinho (19:53:19 GMT)

Moldova. The second of a series of four songs I think won't qualify. I do like it though.

Noelinho (19:55:28 GMT)

It's lacking a bit of depth. It comes across as a bit empty on stage.

Ryan (19:56:58 GMT)

The scary bit is someone thought ripping her hair off was a good idea.

Noelinho (19:57:19 GMT)

Valentina Monetta is representing San Marino for the third year running, as the BBC commentator displays a complete lack of education.

Noelinho (19:58:56 GMT)

Please refresh, to see the San Marino flag in all its glory.

Connor (19:59:30 GMT)

Hope she makes it. Was unlucky last year

Noelinho (19:59:48 GMT)

She's so good. If I could vote tonight, I'd vote for her.

Ryan (20:01:30 GMT)

Crisalide was very good, Social Network song was very god awful, this is right in the middle of those two and just very meh.

Noelinho (20:04:06 GMT)

Portugal is back after the disaster of the miners' strike entry. Unfortunately, Suzy can't sing and this is also a disaster.

Noelinho (20:05:21 GMT)

This is dreadful.

Noelinho (20:06:30 GMT)

Oh, be over. Please. I beg you.

Connor (20:07:42 GMT)

The graphics on the screen were very nice. Erm that's about it haha

Noelinho (20:07:43 GMT)

Three to go. I think all three will qualify. First up, the Netherlands.

Ryan (20:08:11 GMT)

Woo, my personal favourite.

Noelinho (20:08:12 GMT)

This has a great country sound to it.

Noelinho (20:08:46 GMT)

It also has an awesome chorus.

Noelinho (20:09:11 GMT)

I'd vote for this all day.

Aimee (20:10:19 GMT)

Ooh think this is my favourite so far. Mind you I've been trying and failing to do two things at once so I've only just started concentrating again!

Noelinho (20:11:10 GMT)

I've just noticed, the graphics are in widescreen.

Noelinho (20:11:25 GMT)

But the BBC graphics aren't.

Ryan (20:11:37 GMT)

Love it, fantastic, best of the night.

Noelinho (20:12:01 GMT)

Penaultimate song: Montenegro. The studio version was fantastic.

Aimee (20:16:46 GMT)

The lyrics of this are a bit dark!

Aimee (20:14:58 GMT)

Sorry, cat on the laptop!

Noelinho (20:15:56 GMT)

Last up, Hungary. WIth an unusual message.

Noelinho (20:16:56 GMT)

Refresh to foil the cat's plan.

Aimee (20:17:26 GMT)


Noelinho (20:18:44 GMT)

He's a bit off-key, but I think it'll get through.

Aimee (20:18:45 GMT)

Not sure a song about domestic violence can win Eurovision, especially with it being acted out in the background!

Noelinho (20:20:16 GMT)

OK, so who's your ten to qualify for Saturday's final?

Aimee (20:21:38 GMT)

Still loving Latvia!

Aimee (20:22:20 GMT)

Fan of Sweden too.

Ryan (20:23:15 GMT)

Armenia, Estonia, Sweden (reluctantly ;)), Iceland, Albania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary.

Noelinho (20:23:39 GMT)

I have 11. I need to get it down to 10.

Ryan (20:24:38 GMT)

I've left out Russia, and that was intentional.

Noelinho (20:25:55 GMT)

I have Armenia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary.

Noelinho (20:26:25 GMT)

I'm leaving out Azerbaijan. Although I suspect they may take Albania's place.

Noelinho (20:26:56 GMT)

Ireland, Britain and Lithuania all vote on Thursday, so Latvia are out.

Aimee (20:27:36 GMT)

I'm out on Thursday, so won't get to vote :(

Aimee (20:28:03 GMT)

Abandoning Eurovision to watch King Lear. Not sure what that says about me.

Aimee (20:28:19 GMT)

That I'm pretentious probably.

Ryan (20:29:17 GMT)

Nah, Azerbaijan always qualify. (Although I said the same about Serbia last year). Pretentious could very much be this interval act.

Noelinho (20:32:00 GMT)

I'm in Denmark on Thursday, so I can't either, as they vote tonight.

Ryan (20:32:30 GMT)

You going for just the final, or the semi as well?

Noelinho (20:34:01 GMT)

I'm there for the Family Final. Not the real final this year. Didn't manage to get tickets for that. Might pop in to the Euroclub instead.

Aimee (20:34:21 GMT)

Lucky you. I hope you have a great time!

Ryan (20:35:00 GMT)

Should still be great, have fun!

Noelinho (20:36:05 GMT)

I will! But live comments running as usual :-)

Noelinho (20:39:32 GMT)

Right, how long until we get the qualifiers?

Ryan (20:40:24 GMT)

Depends on how long BBC3 decide they hate us for.

Noelinho (20:41:22 GMT)

Europe has stopped voting.

Noelinho (20:44:34 GMT)

Sneak joke about San Marino there.

Aimee (20:48:55 GMT)

Ooh like Germany's a lot.

Aimee (20:49:15 GMT)

France not so much.

Ryan (20:49:56 GMT)

You say you don't like France, but the chorus, not been out my head in four weeks.

Noelinho (20:50:04 GMT)

I love the French entry. Molly's great too.

Aimee (20:50:04 GMT)

Italy even less…

Noelinho (20:50:16 GMT)

The Italian entry is a bit of a grower.

Aimee (20:50:48 GMT)

I've only heard that snippet that was just on,so can't really judge. Will listen to the whole song this week!

Ryan (20:51:01 GMT)

I love Italy! Might be because its one of the few rockish entries.

Aimee (20:51:19 GMT)

Molly's has grown on me, I really like it now, best we've had in years I think.

Noelinho (20:51:23 GMT)

We have a result!

Noelinho (20:52:52 GMT)

The first qualifier is Montenegro.

Noelinho (20:53:10 GMT)

The second qualifier is Hungary.

Ryan (20:53:17 GMT)

Well done, first qualfication!

Noelinho (20:53:36 GMT)

The third qualifier is Russia.

Noelinho (20:53:58 GMT)

The fourth qualifier is Armenia.

Noelinho (20:54:21 GMT)

The fifth qualifier is Azerbaijan.

Noelinho (20:54:43 GMT)

The sixth qualifier is San Marino!!!

Ryan (20:54:55 GMT)

Nothing shocking so far..

Noelinho (20:55:10 GMT)

The seventh qualifier is Ukraine.

Noelinho (20:55:52 GMT)

The eighth qualifier is Sweden.

Noelinho (20:56:24 GMT)

The ninth qualifier is the Netherlands. Two years in a row!

Ryan (20:56:37 GMT)

Get in!

Noelinho (20:56:55 GMT)

The final qualifier is Iceland.

Noelinho (20:57:21 GMT)

No Estonia. That's a bit of a shame, but Tanja did have a rough draw.

Aimee (20:58:46 GMT)

No cake baking? :(

Noelinho (20:59:07 GMT)

I'm so happy for Valentina Monetta.

Ryan (21:00:28 GMT)

Only surprise for me was San Marino qualifying, didn't see it coming. But well done, a good year for those who persist!

Connor (21:02:02 GMT)

San Marino is a big surprise but in a fantastic way! Boo for no Latvia but pretty good 10 in

Noelinho (21:04:16 GMT)

Now, I just need to find the link to the press conference.

Noelinho (21:04:56 GMT)

All the countries that would normally vote for Latvia vote on Thursday.

Connor (21:05:02 GMT)

Enjoy Copenhagen mate :)

Noelinho (21:06:42 GMT)

I will, but I'll still be running this :-)

Aimee (21:06:48 GMT)

Night all, see you on Saturday!

Noel (21:10:08 GMT)

OK, will do. You can't make Thursday?

Ryan (21:21:17 GMT)

Night guys, thanks for hosting Mr Noelinho, enjoy Copenhagen.

Noelinho (23:10:00 GMT)

Sixteen of the twenty-six countries in Saturday's final now know which half of the draw they will be in.

Noelinho (23:11:11 GMT)

In the Big 5 draw earlier, Germany drew a first-half slot, whereas the other members of the Big 5 (France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) all joined Denmark (who will sing twenty-third) in the second half of the draw.

Noelinho (23:12:23 GMT)

Six countries from semi final one drew first-half slots: Montenegro, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Sweden and Iceland.

Noelinho (23:13:01 GMT)

The other four qualifiers (Hungary, Russia, San Marino and the Netherlands) all drew second half slots.

Noelinho (18:54:03 GMT)

Are you ready for semi final 2?

Noelinho (19:02:25 GMT)

Harder to predict who will qualify from this semi.

Noelinho (19:06:19 GMT)

The Eurovision Dance Contest is back.

Noelinho (19:10:07 GMT)

We're off. Malta first.

Ryan (19:12:23 GMT)

Hey there! Difficult semi to predict (can see any of 14 qualifying). Was never huge on Malta, always thought it a bit too Mumford and Sonish.

Noelinho (19:13:59 GMT)

That was sung well. Good opener. Israel next.

Noelinho (19:18:05 GMT)

Wow. Light show or what? Not sure what to make of it. On to Norway.

Ryan (19:18:49 GMT)

It sounded pretty vocally awful, to be honest. Norway, this should be good!

Noelinho (19:22:27 GMT)

Georgia! My favourites to finish bottom.

Ryan (19:24:45 GMT)

I've honestly never understood if this was meant to be serious or not.

Noelinho (19:26:39 GMT)

Ah, Poland. People seem to like this one…

Noelinho (19:33:02 GMT)

Conchita Wurst. Best to avoid sausage jokes.

Ryan (19:36:56 GMT)

That was stunning!

Noelinho (19:37:48 GMT)

It was brilliant. Lithuania now. The voice could get messy…

Connor (19:41:03 GMT)

Strange mix of stuff so far!

Noelinho (19:42:20 GMT)

Finland. Isn't this just like Sinplus?

Noelinho (19:45:06 GMT)


Noelinho (19:49:29 GMT)

Hmm. Not great. Can Belarus sweeten us?

Noelinho (19:53:55 GMT)

Macedonia. Underwhelmed so far.

Noelinho (19:58:26 GMT)

Switzerland. Do you think this will qualify?

Noelinho (20:12:37 GMT)

And… I fell asleep! Oops

Noelinho (20:15:29 GMT)

Whatever you think of that song, Paula and Ovi have great stage chemistry.

Noelinho (05:04:21 GMT)

It looks like in my impromptu sleep, I missed two countries: Greece and Slovenia.

Noelinho (05:09:20 GMT)

By all accounts, Greece was a bit of a mess. It sounded all over the place watching it back.

Noelinho (05:10:32 GMT)

Slovenia sounded pretty good, and had a decent draw, though it didn't sound as good as I'd expected - the studio recording was better.

Noelinho (05:10:50 GMT)

Anyway, on to the qualifiers…

Noelinho (05:12:11 GMT)

The first qualifier was Switzerland. A surprise for me. It seemed pretty middle-of-the road. But maybe that's all that was required.

Noelinho (05:13:06 GMT)

The second qualifier was Slovenia. I was a bit nervous about this one after seeing it, but I'm glad it qualified.

Noelinho (05:13:58 GMT)

The third qualifier was Poland. A bit trashy, but effective and popular.

Noelinho (05:15:38 GMT)

The fourth qualifier was Romania. No surprise here, and glad to see Paula and Ov get through.

Noelinho (05:16:44 GMT)

The fifth qualifier was Norway. However, the song may struggle on Saturday. It's perhaps a tad too slow to really make a strong impact. We'll see.

Noelinho (05:17:40 GMT)

The sixth qualifier was Greece. They always qualify. Not really deserved this time, but maybe they'll make up for that on Saturday.

Noelinho (05:18:23 GMT)

The seventh qualifier was Malta.

Noelinho (05:19:23 GMT)

The eighth qualifier was Belarus. It was pretty boring on stage, but it was distinctive and sung well.

Noelinho (05:20:07 GMT)

The ninth qualifier was Finland. Not my favourite, but not bad either. It means all five Nordic countries are in the final.

Noelinho (05:21:43 GMT)

The final qualifier was Austria. Easily the most popular qualifier of the night. Having said no sausage jokes earlier, I can't believe the hosts went all the way to town on sausage jokes themselves!

Noelinho (20:24:53 GMT)

Since the running order for the final was announced, Austria and the Netherlands have both narrowed to 3/1 to win. Armenia are out to about 6/1 and the UK are hovering around 9/1. Sweden are still favourites at 5/2 and kick of the second half of the final, going 13th.

Noelinho (18:40:11 GMT)

AFter seeing rehearsals this afternoon, I think it's between Austria and Spain tonight. I don't think the UK, Hungary or the Netherlands have enough impact to win.

Noelinho (18:46:35 GMT)

Overall, I think this is a pretty strong final, and it's still pretty hard to predict who's going to come in the top five, let alone win.

Noelinho (19:02:21 GMT)

Woohoo! Eurovision is here!

Noelinho (19:05:58 GMT)

They didn't have the pyros this afternoon :-(

Will^ (19:09:38 GMT)

Evening. I dunno how may comments I'll end up leaving on here, as on a half screen the box is at the bottom :( Defos reading along though.

Noelinho (19:12:07 GMT)

Yes, sorry Will. I did have one on the top for small devices, but it didn't work very well. I will have it fixed for next time though :-)

Noelinho (19:12:37 GMT)

After a very long and tedious introduction, it would be nice to get going.

Noelinho (19:14:16 GMT)

First up, Ukraine. A brilliant song put first, presumably because it's better Ukraine don't win.

Noelinho (19:17:46 GMT)

Not the best perfomanc Mariya has put in this week.

Noelinho (19:18:00 GMT)

Second up, Belarus. Hope you're not hungry.

Noelinho (19:19:30 GMT)

A slick, but ultimately boring, stage performance.

Noelinho (19:22:19 GMT)

OK, so now on to Azerbaijan. A nice song, but the trapeze artist is more interesting really.

Will^ (19:23:09 GMT)

After every act I'm inserting them into (

Noelinho (19:24:07 GMT)

This is rather out of tune.

Will^ (19:24:18 GMT)

Ooops, apparently a ( followed by a

Will^ (19:24:59 GMT)

I'm placing every act into a list so that at the end I have an ordered top 26.

Noelinho (19:26:15 GMT)

Iceland are up fourth. A surprise qualifier from the semi finals, for me. But they are colourful.

Noelinho (19:28:05 GMT)

Good idea, Will! Post your results later :-)

Noelinho (19:28:29 GMT)

Does Iceland get more points for including maths?

Martin (19:29:23 GMT)

I quite like Iceland's entry. It's upbeat.

Noelinho (19:29:43 GMT)

OK, on to a stronger contender now - Norway. This is a slow song, but it builds nicely. Aiming for the top ten, probably.

Noelinho (19:32:28 GMT)

I love the way this song builds.

Noelinho (19:32:43 GMT)

The question is, will people remember it?

Noelinho (19:34:49 GMT)

Romania now. With a circular piano and Paula Seling's vocal range.

Noelinho (19:37:37 GMT)

That was quite hit and miss.

Noelinho (19:37:59 GMT)

Armenia now, with Aram MP3. Unfortunately, he sounds more MP2 to me.

Noelinho (19:39:32 GMT)

This song does build, but it's totally dull for the first 90 seconds.

Noelinho (19:40:51 GMT)

That is NOT a winner. No way.

Will^ (19:41:05 GMT)

I just kept waiting for that to turn into Olive.

Noelinho (19:41:52 GMT)

Montenegro now. Will likely pick up some Balkan votes - it's the only Balkan entry in the final.

Noelinho (19:43:26 GMT)

He sang much better on Tuesday.

Noelinho (19:45:29 GMT)

Poland! This is a bit weird. But people seem to like it.

Noelinho (19:47:37 GMT)

I do like the interlude in this song.

Noelinho (19:48:59 GMT)

That will do well for Poland, I'd guess.

Noelinho (19:49:54 GMT)

Greece now, featuring RiskyKidd (British). Looks great in the arena, but was quite messy on TV on Thursday. How will it do tonight? It's relying on the televote to do well.

Noelinho (19:52:40 GMT)

This is horrific on TV.

Noelinho (19:53:33 GMT)

Austria! This could win it. Conchita has an awesome voice.

Noelinho (19:55:04 GMT)

You can hear the audience singing.

Noelinho (19:56:32 GMT)

That may be the winner. Who can beat it?

Martin (19:56:53 GMT)

Definitely a very good chance of winning.

Noelinho (19:57:16 GMT)

Germany next. Or, time to get a cup of tea. You won't miss much.

Noelinho (20:01:53 GMT)

OK, a short break before Sweden, who are technically first half, but the break has been conveniently moved.

Noelinho (20:04:27 GMT)

Can Sanna win it tonight? I think it's a bit to close to Austria for that, but we'll see.

Noelinho (20:06:15 GMT)

Again, you can hear some people singing.

Noelinho (20:08:37 GMT)

France next. This was a nice audio track, but it's horrendous on stage. You've been warned.

Noelinho (20:10:27 GMT)


Noelinho (20:13:04 GMT)

Russia now. Now, imagine they aren't Russian, but from somewhere less controversial. Suddenly it's twice as good.

Martin (20:15:46 GMT)

From anywhere else this could have a good chance of doing well.

Noelinho (20:16:09 GMT)

Yep. It's actually a really nice song.

Noelinho (20:16:28 GMT)

Italy now. My dark horse tip.

Noelinho (20:18:44 GMT)

I've fallen in love with this song. It helps that it's in Italian. Everything is better in Italian.

Noelinho (20:20:02 GMT)

That was a cracker.

Noelinho (20:20:28 GMT)

Slovenia now. A nice song, but it will struggle tonight. Probably hovering around 20th.

Noelinho (20:22:42 GMT)

This is much, much better than it was on Thursday.

Noelinho (20:25:18 GMT)

Finland now. Could be a steady low scorer if performed well, though it's not my favourite.

Noelinho (20:28:15 GMT)

Ruth Lorenzo! She had an option to represent the UK, but chose Spain. This could fly under the radar… can it do enough to win?

Noelinho (20:31:52 GMT)

That's a winner in my book.

Noelinho (20:32:53 GMT)

Switzerland is next up. I struggle to see much in this one. I think it's pretty weak.

Noelinho (20:37:00 GMT)

Hungary now. Not a winner, but it's decent, and not a trypical Eurovision song.

Noelinho (20:38:14 GMT)

I think top ten is the best this can do. Top five? I don't think so.

Noelinho (20:40:12 GMT)

On to a more folky song now - Malta. It will probably stuggle given the songs that follow, though.

Connor (20:40:20 GMT)

Sorry for only chipping in now! Enjoyed Finland, Italy, Spain and Iceland tonight so far

Noelinho (20:43:28 GMT)

No problem Connor. Plenty of people just read and don't comment. I know who (most of them) are!

Noelinho (20:43:46 GMT)

But don't forget to post your thoughts when it comes to voting!

Martin (20:44:27 GMT)

Malta is a strong entry very enjoyable and familiar.

Noelinho (20:44:33 GMT)

The hosts Denmark now. I feel this is taking the mick a bit, which is a bit rich for the host country to do. But it is catchy. I hope it doesn't win.

Martin (20:45:22 GMT)

Catchy but seriously no country wants to win two years in a row.

Noelinho (20:46:23 GMT)

Denmark seem not to mind. They could just host it in the same place again. Cost dramatically reduces if it's in the same place and they don't need to pack anything away…

Martin (20:47:51 GMT)

True - you have everything in place already. They'd need to find a new TV director. Too much zooming and not receiving popular comments on Twitter. I really enjoyed that entry.

Noelinho (20:48:15 GMT)

The Netherlands! This is a beautiful country song. SOme people think it will win. I think it'll do well, but not quite enough to win.

Martin (20:50:10 GMT)

Nice song but does Europe do country. Probably not.

Noelinho (20:50:12 GMT)

The camerawork has been criticised all week. Too much panning of the stage, not enough close up. Funnily enough, this song gives you pretty much nothing but close up.

Noelinho (20:51:17 GMT)

That's been my exact reason for saying it can't win. Yet people have been throwing money at it for days. Went from 50/1 to 3/1.

Noelinho (20:52:26 GMT)

Two songs left. First, San Marino. Finally Valentina Monetta gets to the Eurovision final!

Martin (20:55:04 GMT)

For a tiny country this is quite a pleasant track.

Noelinho (20:56:34 GMT)

Molly! The UK closes the show. How high can this go?

Noelinho (21:00:10 GMT)

Top ten, for sure. Top five? Tall order.

Noelinho (21:02:54 GMT)

So, who were your favourites?

Noelinho (21:10:20 GMT)

My favourites were Russia, Sweden, Spain, Austria and Slovenia.

Martin (21:11:45 GMT)

Well my favorites in a rough order are: Austria, Spain, Russia, Malta, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Greece, Iceland, San Marino

Will^ (21:19:14 GMT)

Sweden, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Greece, Norway, France. I did like Switzerland :)

Connor (21:25:38 GMT)

Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Italy, UK, Holland, Spain, Iceland and Greece for me. Great final

Noelinho (21:28:46 GMT)

It's definitely been a decent final. Not many bad entries.

Martin (21:30:31 GMT)

Gina G :)

Noelinho (21:37:55 GMT)

I'm still waiting for anything hald decent to happen. Though Emmellie de Forest is a welcome move in the right direction.

Noelinho (21:46:38 GMT)

Azerbaijan gives 12 points to Russia. No real surprise.

Noelinho (21:46:54 GMT)

Austria gets 12 points from Greece.

Noelinho (21:47:58 GMT)

Poland gives 12 points to the Netherlands.

Noelinho (21:48:36 GMT)

Italy off the mark with 10 points from Albania.

Noelinho (21:48:48 GMT)

12 points from Albania to Spain.

Noelinho (21:49:13 GMT)

The UK gets 5 points from San Marino.

Noelinho (21:49:48 GMT)

Twelve points from a tiny country to Azerbaijan. Investigate, please.

Noelinho (21:51:25 GMT)

Only France are yet to score.

Noelinho (21:51:51 GMT)

Montenegro give 12 points to Hungary, who now lead.

Noelinho (21:53:07 GMT)

Russia give 7 points to Ukraine.

Noelinho (21:53:45 GMT)

Pretty obvious Belarus would get 12 points from Russia.

Martin (21:53:58 GMT)

Surprised by Russia

Noelinho (21:54:31 GMT)

There weren't many other candidates for it to be honest.

Noelinho (21:55:55 GMT)

Malta give 12 points to Italy. Picking up some votes from close neighbours.

Noelinho (21:57:09 GMT)

Armenia get 12 points from France.

Noelinho (21:58:26 GMT)

Britain's votes go to a drag act, folk and country. Diverse!

Noelinho (22:00:08 GMT)

Montenegro get 12 points from Armenia.

Noelinho (22:01:12 GMT)

The Netherlands get their third lot of 12 points, this time from Iceland.

Noelinho (22:02:02 GMT)

Macedonia give 12 points to Montenegro.

Noelinho (22:02:52 GMT)

Love the way Sweden gave their points there. 12 points to Austria.

Noelinho (22:05:19 GMT)

Another 12 points for the Netherlands.

Connor (22:09:08 GMT)

Well we're getting the close battle we usually cry out for. Come on the Dutch!

Noelinho (22:10:12 GMT)

France have 1 point. Everyone has scored!

Noelinho (22:12:16 GMT)

The UK get three points from Norway. Not many points for Molly so far.

Noelinho (22:12:45 GMT)

Only one point from Estonia to Russia.

Noelinho (22:13:09 GMT)

Austria lead the Netherlands by 14 points.

Noelinho (22:14:20 GMT)

Looks like I was wildly wrong about the Netherlands not being able to win.

Noelinho (22:15:10 GMT)

Romania get twelve points from Moldova.

Noelinho (22:15:40 GMT)

The UK get 8 points from Ireland.

Noelinho (22:19:06 GMT)

My dark horse (Spain) didn't see the light.

Noelinho (22:22:58 GMT)

Austria has now won.

Noelinho (22:23:48 GMT)

Italy also didn't do as well as I thought they might.

Noelinho (22:26:14 GMT)

Slovenia close the voting, giving the final 12 points to Austria.

Noelinho (22:26:34 GMT)

Austria wins by 52 points. A landslide!

Connor (23:27:10 GMT)

Sorry, laptop is dead so sharing one with someone else and had to give it up for a while. great performance from Austria, was rooting for the Dutch to catch them though. Tad disappointed for Molly, wasn't a winner ultimately but 17th seems harsh. Thanks for this again mate and safe trip home!

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