NFL Week 14

Sunday 07 December 2014, 18:00 GMT

As the play-offs edge closer, the AFC-leading Patriots visit the Chargers, and the Seahawks visit the Eagles. Meanwhile, the Steelers and Bengals meet in an important divisional matchup.

Will^ (17:14:40 GMT)

Time to start testing the redesigned comments...

Will^ (17:15:39 GMT)

...I'll make some notes if I spot anything/bugs :)

Will^ (17:35:06 GMT)

I think that tonight I'll be following Colts-Browns, then Seahawks-Eagles as my main games. (Would love to stay up for Pats @ Chargers but that's a no.)

Will^ (18:04:35 GMT)

Early games are starting

Will^ (18:05:29 GMT)

Let's see whether there are any characters that fail to send... Previously

Will^ (18:13:05 GMT)

(yeah, the ampersand means that the rest of the comment disappears)

Will^ (18:22:41 GMT)

Hoyer playing very averagely so far

Steven Roy (18:24:02 GMT)

Very disappointed the Browns are not starting Manziel tonight

Steven Roy (18:24:34 GMT)

Nice comment Layout

Steven Roy (18:30:02 GMT)

Just noticed the time stamps on the comments are an hour ahead.

Will^ (18:33:11 GMT)

Yeah - that's the first thing on my list of testing feedback

Will^ (18:34:47 GMT)

My phone is definitely enjoying the load times :)

Will^ (18:36:59 GMT)

Carolina already 17-0 up against the Saints

Will^ (18:42:10 GMT)

Luck sacked, fumbled, ball in the endzone - Browns TD.

Steven Roy (18:46:07 GMT)

Amazing the Browns got a TD like that when they never looked like scoring when they had the ball

Will^ (18:50:18 GMT)

Their D is more potent than their O.

Will^ (18:53:38 GMT)

Andre Johnson being evaluated for a concussion

Will^ (18:53:38 GMT)

Andre Johnson being evaluated for a concussion

Will^ (18:54:02 GMT)

Oooo, a double comment

Will^ (18:54:03 GMT)

Oooo, a double comment

Will^ (18:54:36 GMT)

Careful, double tapping submit will do that ^^

Steven Roy (18:55:00 GMT)

Oooo, a double comment Hope it is not double concussion

Steven Roy (18:55:29 GMT)

Blockquoting doesn't work here

Will^ (19:04:25 GMT)

"Blockquoting doesn't work here' We'll have to do that manually then

Will^ (19:05:20 GMT)

Pressing return does nothing

Noelinho (19:05:27 GMT)

Yes, all HTML tags are stopped at the moment for security. When I have more time, I'll change that, but allowing tags means you need much more security on submitted comments :-)

Noelinho (19:06:05 GMT)

I could probably add CTRL Return to submit comments.

Will^ (19:07:34 GMT)

That would defos be good, although I've got tab, then return as a reflex (when on LT)

Noelinho (19:07:36 GMT)

Timestamps are probably out because I upgraded the server and it's changed the timezone. Easy fix.

Noelinho (19:08:28 GMT)

I'll probably be watching some games later BTW - out at a friends' place at the moment. I love free Internet abroad :-)

Steven Roy (19:10:32 GMT)

Billy Cundiff just missed a 40 yard field goal

Noelinho (19:11:02 GMT)

Billy Cundiff is great at missing field goals :-)

Steven Roy (19:11:07 GMT)

tab then return works for me.

Noelinho (19:11:41 GMT)

I need to make the "submit comment" button larger.

Will^ (19:13:29 GMT)

Saints take over 17-3 down after Panthers miss FG

Steven Roy (19:15:56 GMT)

Luck runs it in for the TD. Nice little stutter step from Luck too

Will^ (19:18:13 GMT)

Johnson out for the remainder of the game

Steven Roy (19:35:46 GMT)

Half time and unbelievably the Browns have a 7 point lead and it could have been ten

Will^ (19:38:55 GMT)

Sometimes and for no good reason the Colts are disappointingly a "go behind, and make a comeback" team.

Noelinho (19:47:29 GMT)

Colts are generally good at home. Ropey away. Probably not a significant playoff contender.

Will^ (19:52:33 GMT)

Colts fumble... Browns recover

Noelinho (19:57:09 GMT)

Giants winning 30-0? The Titans really are bad!

Will^ (20:02:49 GMT)

Colts just about recovering from being pinned at their 1

Will^ (20:03:34 GMT)

The titans don't have am identity - meh

Will^ (20:03:45 GMT)

Luck throwing INTs

Steven Roy (20:04:06 GMT)

Browns D get another TD

Noelinho (20:05:12 GMT)

Indy losing makes the playoff picture remain intriguing.

Will^ (20:27:21 GMT)

TY Hilton TD - game on!

Will^ (20:28:24 GMT)

Luck picked off attempting a 2pt

Steven Roy (20:28:47 GMT)

Seems early to be trying for 2

Will^ (20:32:23 GMT)

Would have made it a 3pt game, but I'd tend to agree with you

Steven Roy (20:36:35 GMT)

Hilton should have had the TD to take the lead

Will^ (20:47:24 GMT)

Big Ben Bryant making big plays - 90 yard TD

Steven Roy (20:51:39 GMT)

Browns D deliver again

Will^ (20:52:25 GMT)

Another Colts INT

Steven Roy (20:53:44 GMT)

I can see it now. Browns TD and Cundiff misses the PAT. Colts get a TD and 2 point conversion.

Will^ (20:55:20 GMT)

Cundiff makes the FG (this time...)

Will^ (21:14:01 GMT)

Huge pi called against the Browns - Colts move 50 yards and have a shot at the endzone

Will^ (21:20:12 GMT)

Colts 4th down on the 2, with under a minute to go.

Will^ (21:21:52 GMT)

Previous play under review - checking whether Herron got the 1st down...

Steven Roy (21:22:13 GMT)

4th and inches and 44 seconds

Will^ (21:23:52 GMT)

1st down... Clock still running

Will^ (21:24:07 GMT)

Browns timeout

Steven Roy (21:24:56 GMT)

Luck takes his time but eventually finds a clear passing lane to T Y Hilton

Will^ (21:25:24 GMT)

Ty Hilton TD

Will^ (21:26:47 GMT)

2pt no good

Will^ (21:27:12 GMT)

32s on the clock

Steven Roy (21:27:24 GMT)

28 seconds to go 89 yards

Will^ (21:28:06 GMT)

...with hoyer throwing the ball... No chance ;)

Will^ (21:29:11 GMT)

Although a huge bomb to Gordon would have been good

Will^ (21:30:10 GMT)

Cj Anderson scores for Denver

Steven Roy (21:30:36 GMT)

Interception. Game over.

Will^ (21:31:56 GMT)

Colts gave themselves a lot to do, but got there

Will^ (21:32:26 GMT)

Jonny Football time?

Steven Roy (21:36:43 GMT)

I thought they should have started Johnny tonight

Steven Roy (21:44:32 GMT)

Huge punt screw up by Seattle

Noelinho (21:45:25 GMT)

No blackout games for me this week :-)

Noelinho (21:48:31 GMT)

Good to see the Eagles going for it on 4th down.

Will^ (21:53:00 GMT)

Just checked, I'm 9-1 this week do for at picking games.

Will^ (22:20:16 GMT)

Lots going on - Wilson TD, Jamal Charles TD, CJ Anderson TD

Will^ (22:21:29 GMT)

That's probably it for me for tonight - nice little set up you have here Noelinho!

Noelinho (22:26:43 GMT)

Cool. No idea when comments close. Make sure you give me a list of things to look at / improve (pref. by email!)

Will^ (22:28:41 GMT)

It's not a long one - I've mainly been looking for bugs >

Steven Roy (22:45:47 GMT)

Not many bugs I can see. The biggest problem I have is that I have just moved house and mobile broadband is garbage

Noelinho (23:34:27 GMT)

Hard to help with your mobile broadband, but at least when you have it, the page loads in a flash :-)

Will^ (07:48:10 GMT)

49ers lose by double digits to the Raiders... what?!

Noelinho (13:42:14 GMT)

49ers aren't very good. I had this down as winnable for the Raiders, although I also had the Rams game last week down as winnable too!

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