NFL Week 15

Sunday 14 December 2014, 18:00 GMT

We're down to the last three weeks. The Patriots and Broncos can both win their divisions this week and we have some great divisional matchups: Bengals at Browns, Cowboys at Eagles and Broncos at Chargers.

Noelinho (17:25:22 GMT)

Right, let's get set for Week 15! I did enjoy seeing the Jets Titans game described as "The Toilet Bowl". I'm sure we can all work out why that is!

Will^ (17:34:19 GMT)


Noelinho (17:34:47 GMT)

Had a problem earlier, but it's fixed now.

Will^ (17:35:00 GMT)

...& ampersands!

Will^ (17:38:00 GMT)

Is the page remembering my Name new?

Will^ (17:39:24 GMT)

Likewise with the "comment submitted" bar?

Noelinho (17:40:44 GMT)

Your username is stored in localStorage, and yes, it's new. If you change your username, it should overwrite it. And it will work on every page as long as your localStorage isn't cleared out by your browser.

Noelinho (17:41:27 GMT)

The "comment submitted" bar has actually always been there, but it was broken in the port from one of the old sites, so it didn't ever show up.

Will^ (17:43:16 GMT)

Definitely useful to remember my name, as finding a ^ can become tedious. ;)

Will^ (17:43:25 GMT)

Will^ (17:43:43 GMT)

Teehee ^^

Noelinho (17:44:28 GMT)

Yes Will^, please don't do that.

Will^ (17:44:32 GMT)

A comment only containing spaces is accepted, but then displays nothing

Noelinho (17:45:37 GMT)

Yes, it's on the list. I ran out of time yesterday. Not a massive fix to be honest. Might be able to do it whilst watching.

Will^ (17:46:43 GMT)

I noticed your "must leave a comment" and wondered if I could find a workaround.

(17:48:36 GMT)


Will^ (17:49:12 GMT)

Looks like spaces only mess the Name field up as well

(17:57:51 GMT)

Will^ (17:58:29 GMT)

I'll stop testing around that now ;)

Noelinho (17:59:25 GMT)

Yes, I can see it's you, Will :-)

Noelinho (18:02:02 GMT)

NFL Redzone is 100 today.

Will^ (18:02:07 GMT)

Is that because your database also records something like ip as well?

Noelinho (18:03:20 GMT)

Yes :-)

Will^ (18:04:35 GMT)

Just a thought... Wouldn't that change if I switched to mobileweb?

Noelinho (18:07:34 GMT)

Patriots blocked a field goal and returned it to the house.

Will^ (18:08:39 GMT)

Pats already ahead! Miami in for a long game

Will^ (18:10:39 GMT)

I don't want to listen to the Bengals, but I do want to hear why JFF does in his first start.

Noelinho (18:10:58 GMT)

Yes, if you switch to mobile, you'll have a different IP address, as long as it's not connected to the same network hardware (i.e. your router).

Noelinho (18:11:23 GMT)

Ravens blocked a punt and returned it to the house.

Noelinho (18:11:37 GMT)

I think I saw the Steelers score a field goal too.

Noelinho (18:12:10 GMT)

BTW, the empty comments issue is fixed now.

Will^ (18:13:58 GMT)

Aww man ;) I made the most of it I suppose

Will^ (18:14:42 GMT)

Nahh, mobileweb would definitely be different for me

Noelinho (18:16:16 GMT)

Indeed it is.

Noelinho (18:17:04 GMT)

If you don't have a static IP address (and most people don't), your IP address will change a lot on mobile, but also on your home network when your router reboots.

Noelinho (18:17:29 GMT)

Redskins FG is good. They lead the Giants 3-0.

Will^ (18:17:35 GMT)

Bengals score, so JFF is up

Noelinho (18:20:38 GMT)

Jags FG is good (54 yards). They trail 7-3.

Noelinho (18:21:27 GMT)

Brady just passed 4,500 pass completions. 5th all-time.

Noelinho (18:23:28 GMT)

Brady just threw an interception.

Will^ (18:24:10 GMT)

Johnny 3 and out

Noelinho (18:31:07 GMT)

Steelers FG is good. They lead 6-0.

Noelinho (18:32:08 GMT)

Miami reduced to a FG attempt again. Not far off being blocked again. It's good. 7-3.

Noelinho (18:32:24 GMT)

Chiefs return a punt 81 yards for a TD. 7-0.

Noelinho (18:33:08 GMT)

Andrew Luck throws a pick-6 in his own redzone. Texans lead 7-0.

Will^ (18:33:23 GMT)

Here's Johnny (again)

Noelinho (18:33:36 GMT)

Rodgers is currently 2 of 9 for 12 yards. Green Bay FG is good. 3-0.

Will^ (18:33:48 GMT)

Man, I'm sitting the Texans' D

Noelinho (18:35:56 GMT)

And I started the Patriots' D!

Will^ (18:36:23 GMT)

RG3 in for an injured McCoy

Noelinho (18:36:48 GMT)

Colt McCoy is off! RG3 back in under center!

Noelinho (18:39:20 GMT)

Steelers get a pick 6. That's 13-0 now.

Will^ (18:40:24 GMT)

Johnny had another bad series - a Bengal sacker pulled out the money sign

Noelinho (18:41:19 GMT)

Yeah, I still think they were better sticking with Hoyer whilst they had a chance of getting in the play-offs.

Noelinho (18:43:40 GMT)

Bills touchdown! 75 yards!

Noelinho (18:43:56 GMT)

Think it was a punt return.

Will^ (18:46:48 GMT)

Bengals TD. Time for more Johnny...

Will^ (18:49:38 GMT)

The Browns' D, that has helped Hoyer so much, where are they?

Noelinho (18:51:06 GMT)

Colts TD.

Noelinho (18:51:22 GMT)

The Browns' D are on the bench with Hoyer!

Will^ (18:52:06 GMT)

Here's an answer: Joe Haden, questionable to return

Noelinho (18:53:39 GMT)

Eddy Lacy TD. 10-7.

Noelinho (18:54:24 GMT)

Pats pick off Tannehill.

Noelinho (18:55:20 GMT)

Patriots TD. Vereen.

Noelinho (18:56:14 GMT)

Josh Scobee is the kicker to have today.

Noelinho (18:56:33 GMT)

Redskins TD.

Will^ (18:57:08 GMT)

Johnny INT Bengals FG

Noelinho (18:58:20 GMT)

Falcons called for roughing the passer. Looks like a soft flag to me.

Noelinho (19:00:20 GMT)

Falcons TD. Devin Hester. I saw something else too, but I've forgotten what it was.

Will^ (19:00:35 GMT)

Fitzpatrick injured, Tom Savage exists, and is in the game

Noelinho (19:01:03 GMT)

Oh yes, I remember. The Jags took a surprise onside kick and came up with the ball.

Noelinho (19:06:48 GMT)

Dolphins FG is good. Trail by 8.

Will^ (19:10:08 GMT)

Browns get a turnover... how long will the offense stay on the field this time?

Noelinho (19:10:59 GMT)

Three downs?

Will^ (19:11:11 GMT)

Tom Savage just missed Foster on a handoff!

Noelinho (19:12:29 GMT)

TD Colts. Dwayne Allen.

Noelinho (19:12:41 GMT)

Ravens FG is good too.

Will^ (19:12:59 GMT)

They went for it on 4th, drive is still alive...

Will^ (19:16:51 GMT)

Offside saves a JFF INT

Will^ (19:18:02 GMT)

More importantly, where is Gronk?!

Noelinho (19:20:54 GMT)

Gronk? Haven't seen anything about him having an issue.

Will^ (19:20:56 GMT)

Coming off the 2 minute warning the browns messed their personnel up, so needed a timeout >

Noelinho (19:22:17 GMT)

It seems a lot of people are wondering about Gronk.

Noelinho (19:23:53 GMT)

Manziel intercepted again.

Will^ (19:24:06 GMT)

Johnny Interception strikes again

Will^ (19:26:54 GMT)

RGiii running for TDs, how very 2012 of him

Noelinho (19:33:54 GMT)

And not getting them, very 2013.

Will^ (19:35:26 GMT)

Brown down by 20 at the half. I wonder whether we'll need to dust off any Johnny Comeback, or Johnny Game Winning Drive hashtags come 2 quarters time?

Will^ (19:38:16 GMT)

Did he fumble it at the goal line?

Will^ (19:40:05 GMT)

I see the Pats are playing Gronk in the Jimmy Graham role

Will^ (19:51:35 GMT)

Gronk sighting

Will^ (19:53:45 GMT)

Describing the Browns OLine as porous is both accurate and an understatement.

Noelinho (20:04:33 GMT)

It seems some of the timestamps are still incorrect. Will have to take a look.

Noelinho (20:12:59 GMT)

Jags convert a fake punt.

Noelinho (20:16:50 GMT)

Interesting challenge from the Ravens. Ruled incomplete pass, may have been an interception. Probably inconclusive. We'll see.

Will^ (20:17:38 GMT)

Johnny connects with Gordon for 32 - the comeback is on

Noelinho (20:17:57 GMT)

Gronk TD!

Noelinho (20:18:17 GMT)

Unless it was for 32 points, the comeback is not on!

Will^ (20:19:29 GMT)

Punt time - Browns have no chance ;)

Noelinho (20:22:49 GMT)

Ryan Fitzpatrick has a broken leg.

Will^ (20:24:01 GMT)


Noelinho (20:24:19 GMT)

Gronk 35-yard catch.

Noelinho (20:24:33 GMT)

Gronk feeling the knee.

Noelinho (20:24:37 GMT)

Edelman TD.

Will^ (20:24:52 GMT)

Browns must be careful of ending up with Johnny Shutout!

Noelinho (20:25:37 GMT)

If the Browns win, he'll be Johnny Come Lately :-)

Noelinho (20:27:55 GMT)

Texans 4th down touchdown comes back for holding.

Will^ (20:28:37 GMT)

When he finally gets his feet, expect to hear Johnny B Goode everywhere

Noelinho (20:34:21 GMT)

Looking forward to The Toilet Bowl later?

Noelinho (20:34:42 GMT)

Also, timezone issue is fixed, as you should see :-)

Will^ (20:36:08 GMT)

Ahh yes, I was wondering how we'd managed to travel into the future

Noelinho (20:38:31 GMT)

Yeah, it took me a while to notice, and my test server is on a different timezone :-)

Noelinho (20:39:13 GMT)

Oh, Green Bay are losing. I thought they were winning!

Noelinho (20:39:36 GMT)

Justin Tucker FG attempt is no good.

Noelinho (20:40:18 GMT)

Rodgers is intercepted!

Will^ (20:40:52 GMT)

I'm facing him today

Noelinho (20:41:10 GMT)

I have no idea who I'm up against.

Noelinho (20:43:24 GMT)

Oh. I'm up against the Bengals D. Browns, please score.

Will^ (20:43:41 GMT)

It doesn't matter - you have the 2 seed locked up

Noelinho (20:44:02 GMT)

I still want to win.

Will^ (20:45:37 GMT)

You're against Steven Roy, and he hasn't touched his team since before the draft

Noelinho (20:46:21 GMT)

Packers down by 9 points now.

Noelinho (20:46:36 GMT)

His team is still not so bad, actually.

Will^ (20:46:56 GMT)

Not sure Ryan Mathews, Patterson or Jimmy Graham will trouble you.

Noelinho (20:47:16 GMT)

Are they all out?

Will^ (20:48:40 GMT)

Matthews yes, and Patterson & Graham have been scoring minimal points in recent weeks

Noelinho (20:51:45 GMT)

Eli and the Patriots D have both been kind to me today.

Will^ (20:52:57 GMT)

Bengals with another score - Browns really have been a factory of sadness today.

Noelinho (20:53:54 GMT)

Like I said, Brian Hoyer should have played.

Will^ (20:55:59 GMT)

OBj is a BEAST

Noelinho (20:56:07 GMT)

Vinatieri FG is good. Still hasn't missed this season.

Noelinho (20:56:30 GMT)

Has he got another one?

Noelinho (20:57:35 GMT)

If Rodgers doesn't throw a TD, it'll be his first career game with 0 TD & 2+ INTs.

Will^ (20:58:14 GMT)

OBj has 3 today

Noelinho (20:59:30 GMT)

We don't have homefield advantage in our playoffs, do we?

Will^ (20:59:55 GMT)

Green Bay would hand the NFC a lifeline if homefield slips away from Wisconsin

Will^ (21:00:26 GMT)

Haha, don't think so, but should have ;)

Noelinho (21:03:04 GMT)

Yeah, a friend of mine is losing because of it.

Noelinho (21:05:28 GMT)

Jimmy time at Gilette!

Noelinho (21:06:28 GMT)

Texans' 2nd string QB is injured now.

Noelinho (21:07:38 GMT)

And now he's picked off on 4th and 3 in his first NFL start. Can't get much worse. Oh wait, he could be Johnny Football.

Will^ (21:09:05 GMT)

Colts win the South

Noelinho (21:10:44 GMT)

Pats win the East.

Noelinho (21:11:36 GMT)

Rodgers has to go about 85 yards in 1:58 + dead time.

Noelinho (21:12:02 GMT)

Chargers - Broncos has kicked off. Broncos have already punted.

Noelinho (21:13:18 GMT)

Tampa have successfully taken another step towards the #1 pick in the draft.

Will^ (21:13:25 GMT)


Noelinho (21:13:43 GMT)

Panthers (5-8-1) lead the NFC South.

Will^ (21:13:50 GMT)

Pack conceed a safety

Noelinho (21:14:06 GMT)

Rodgers fumbles, returned for a TD. Now called a safety.

Noelinho (21:14:26 GMT)

Green Bay have no timeouts, so Bills win.

Noelinho (21:15:42 GMT)

I think the commentators got confused. Bills didn't touch the ball.

Noelinho (21:16:07 GMT)

That's the Bills' first safety in 39 games.

Will^ (21:16:20 GMT)

Bills just need to see out this set of downs

Noelinho (21:16:49 GMT)

Victory formation, no?

Noelinho (21:18:50 GMT)

You were saying Green Bay losing opens it up to the NFC, but the most likely beneficiary is Seattle! So it doesn't really open it up after all!

Noelinho (21:18:56 GMT)

Toilet Bowl!

Will^ (21:24:47 GMT)

Chargers' D holds firm on deep inside the redzone. Broncos FG.

Noelinho (21:30:08 GMT)

Hyde gets a long gain on the ground for the 49ers. Coming back a bit for a flag, but he took gave some collateral on the sidelines at the end of the run.

Noelinho (21:36:00 GMT)

Vikings missed a field goal.

Will^ (21:47:37 GMT)

Manning fails to throw / engineer a TD during a red zone trip

Noelinho (21:53:41 GMT)

Seattle FG opens the scoring against the 49ers.

Noelinho (21:54:09 GMT)

Titans lead 3-2 in the Toilet Bowl.

Noelinho (21:56:12 GMT)

Oh wait, it's actually 5-0 to the Titans. And the ball is on the ground. #ToiletBowl

Will^ (22:00:41 GMT)

Chargers left with a 3rd and 31 after a lot of indiscipline

Will^ (22:15:18 GMT)

CJ Anderson scores - Peyton Manning providing the crucial block, and the player he hit is hurt!

Will^ (22:15:38 GMT)

4 neck surgeries anyone

Will^ (22:17:50 GMT)

Runner down 1ft short 4th and ~2 inches

Noelinho (22:22:33 GMT)

I've only been watching the Seattle game for the last half an hour. How's the Chargers game been?

Will^ (22:28:33 GMT)

Manning in the locker room, Ostweiler came in for a play or 2

Will^ (22:29:02 GMT)

In a word, defensive. Broncos 9-0

Will^ (22:31:24 GMT)

Chargers FG makes it 9-3 essentially at the half.

Noelinho (22:31:28 GMT)

TD Lions. Golden Tate.

Noelinho (22:31:35 GMT)

I need to implement a sound for new comments.

Noelinho (22:32:04 GMT)

Manning has a thigh injury. Probable to return.

Noelinho (22:35:44 GMT)

Oops, stopped getting updates at some point. Weird. Think it's my PC though.

Will^ (22:36:49 GMT)

I think I've received everything without issue

Noelinho (22:38:31 GMT)

Yeah, my PC doesn't get on with networks very well.

Will^ (22:47:52 GMT)

Can't say I've tried these comments on my LT yet - next week though.

Noelinho (22:48:20 GMT)

Russell Wilson picked off at the end of the half.

Will^ (22:48:23 GMT)

I'm going to put my phone down now. Night.

Noelinho (22:49:38 GMT)

Cool. Night.

Will^ (22:55:56 GMT)

PS - Peyton is back for the Broncos' first drive of the 2nd half.

Noelinho (22:57:51 GMT)

Yeah, he's apparently been under the weather and already had a thigh issue. It seems it's nothing major.

Noelinho (23:09:08 GMT)

Toilet Bowl descended into farce as an Eric Decker touchdown was followed by a Titans player hitting him, followed by a brawl. No-one ejected, but then the TD was chalked off.

Noelinho (23:09:40 GMT)

Chargers FG comes back off the upright from 37 yards. Trail 9-3.

Noelinho (23:40:56 GMT)

Every time I've seen Bridgewater today, he's been acquainting himself with the turf.

Noelinho (23:41:19 GMT)

That said, the Vikings are leading, and in the redzone.

Noelinho (23:42:19 GMT)

Vikings then have a 26-yard FG attempt tipped. No good.

Noelinho (23:48:40 GMT)

Broncos' offence struggling, but getting enough for FG range. Now lead 19-10.

Noelinho (00:24:46 GMT)

Lions win, 49ers lose. 49ers can't get into the playoffs now.

Noelinho (00:26:07 GMT)

Johnny Football had a QB rating of 27.3, rushing average 2.6. Tough start for him!

Noelinho (00:26:29 GMT)

Denver beat San Diego, win AFC West.

Noelinho (00:27:50 GMT)

Packers, by my estimation, drop from 2nd - 6th seed in the NFC.

Noelinho (23:00:54 GMT)

Good win for the Cowboys last night. Unfortunately for them, Murray suffered a broken bone in his hand. Status for week 16 currently unknown.

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