NFL Playoffs Championship Round

Sunday 18 January 2015, 20:05 GMT

Only four teams are left in the hunt now, and all four won at home last week. Will the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks continue that this week, or can the Indianapolis Colts or Green Bay Packers win away to take them to the Super Bowl?

Noelinho (20:07:35 GMT)

Seahawks Packers is the first game today. Seahawks must start as favourites. Green Bay get the ball first though.

Noelinho (20:09:12 GMT)

Eddie Lacy gets it going on the ground.

Noelinho (20:10:42 GMT)

Seattle already caught with 12 men on defence. Couldn't take full advantage though.

Noelinho (20:11:11 GMT)

Green Bay in Seattle territory. Good start for them so far.

Noelinho (20:14:36 GMT)

Rodgers looking lively. Unfortunately, he just threw it to Richard Sherman.

Noelinho (20:17:58 GMT)

And Russell Wilson just got picked back off a tip!

Will^ (20:18:39 GMT)

Evening. Just got to fill Mrs^'s car up with petrol then I'm ready.

Noelinho (20:23:40 GMT)

Cool. You've missed two picks, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the redzone and a touchdown under review so far.

Noelinho (20:26:05 GMT)

And the points come off the board.

Steven Roy (20:27:30 GMT)

I thought they would have gone for it on 4th down. Worst case you leave the Seahawks deep in their own red zone

Noelinho (20:28:18 GMT)

Me too. I think you need to believe your team can do it.

Steven Roy (20:29:01 GMT)

Sky studio saying they don't like the call and it looks like the coach doesn't trust his team

Noelinho (20:31:11 GMT)

And now a fumble. Green Bay could go up by 10 on the road. That'd be a great start.

Noelinho (20:32:23 GMT)

If that happens, the FG becomes irrelevant.

Steven Roy (20:33:44 GMT)

If only Nelson had turned half a step earlier

Noelinho (20:34:16 GMT)

Yeah, feel that was a great chance for him.

Steven Roy (20:34:38 GMT)

They are going for the FG again??

Noelinho (20:34:58 GMT)

If they didn't go for it first time, they won't now.

Noelinho (20:35:52 GMT)

You've got to think the Seahawks are the happier team right now. Three big chances for the Packers, only six points.

Will^ (20:38:07 GMT)

Right, here properly now.

Noelinho (20:38:25 GMT)

You've missed a lot.

Noelinho (20:39:35 GMT)

Wilson sacked already.

Steven Roy (20:40:19 GMT)

Butter fingers

Will^ (20:40:38 GMT)

Bad planning on my part, getting back late with that still to do.

Noelinho (20:42:11 GMT)

Bad punt that the commentators was nearly blocked, was no closer to being blocked than any other normal punt. They just sent more people to try and block it.

Noelinho (20:47:29 GMT)

Rodgers is really slinging his throws at the moment.

Steven Roy (20:48:22 GMT)

Took severa attemps but finally a TD

Noelinho (20:48:28 GMT)

Free play TD.

Noelinho (20:49:28 GMT)

13-point lead it is then. Good start. But they could have finished the Seahawks off already.

Noelinho (20:50:59 GMT)

Seahawks definitely need to pressure Rodgers a lot more.

Noelinho (20:57:39 GMT)

The Seahawks need discipline too.

Steven Roy (21:00:19 GMT)

That is horrendous by the Seahaws D

Noelinho (21:01:13 GMT)

Both teams clearly feeling the pressure.

Steven Roy (21:03:39 GMT)

16-0 Last week my entire fantasy team was wiped out. Looks like half of this weeks fantasy team is going too

Noelinho (21:07:24 GMT)

If the Seahawks lose, Will's team will struggle too.

Steven Roy (21:08:59 GMT)

Interception. Seahawks are finished

Will^ (21:09:51 GMT)

What about my team?

Noelinho (21:10:25 GMT)

Refresh your browser and the comment will make more sense!

Will^ (21:11:20 GMT)

I think I only have Lynch, vs Jordy & Lacy

Steven Roy (21:12:06 GMT)

Interception by the Seahawks. Maybe this will be the turning point.

Will^ (21:12:22 GMT)

I had the Hawks winning this - taking into account Rodgers leg...

Noelinho (21:12:27 GMT)

Another pick? This game is mad.

Noelinho (21:13:57 GMT)

I had the Hawks winning because of homefield advantage

Will^ (21:14:32 GMT)

Yeah, the 12s had something to do with it as well

Noelinho (21:24:55 GMT)

Another inteception!

Will^ (21:24:56 GMT)


Steven Roy (21:24:57 GMT)

Another interception. Incredbile

Will^ (21:25:31 GMT)

This turnover battle is ridiculous

Noelinho (21:33:17 GMT)

Combined 6 takeaways for 6 points. That's poor.

Steven Roy (21:35:18 GMT)

Those figures are horrendous.

Will^ (21:39:59 GMT)

Best teams in the NFC? ;)

Steven Roy (21:45:12 GMT)

Rob Fee @robfee Russell Wilson had two interceptions before his first completion. His QB Rating was just a picture of Jay Cutler.

Noelinho (21:49:11 GMT)

Wait, that wasn't a 15 minute break!

Steven Roy (22:02:15 GMT)

Wilson sacked for about -20 yards

Steven Roy (22:03:25 GMT)

Why run on 2nd and 31?

Steven Roy (22:04:38 GMT)

How long did they give Wilson to find a pass?

Will^ (22:08:18 GMT)

Fake FG!

Steven Roy (22:08:48 GMT)

Seahaws faked a FG and got the TD

Noelinho (22:16:06 GMT)

This game is changing hands.

Steven Roy (22:18:58 GMT)

Really bad snap.

Noelinho (22:28:57 GMT)

This game is flying by.

Steven Roy (22:31:26 GMT)

FG Packers. 19-7

Steven Roy (22:42:33 GMT)

Seahawks punt again.

Steven Roy (22:50:28 GMT)

Another turnover

Will^ (22:51:03 GMT)

Another INT!!

Noelinho (22:53:37 GMT)

Oh what? I missed it!

Noelinho (22:57:30 GMT)

He was out, no?

Will^ (23:00:43 GMT)

Oob - 2:57 left in the game

Steven Roy (23:01:41 GMT)

TD Wilson. It's a one score game

Noelinho (23:02:28 GMT)

Onside kick? They don't have to, but it's a big risk either way, no?

Steven Roy (23:03:02 GMT)

Has to be an onside kick

Noelinho (23:03:26 GMT)

No onside kick would give them a maximum of one minute, no timeouts.

Steven Roy (23:04:16 GMT)

Onside kick recovered. Game on

Will^ (23:04:58 GMT)

How did Bostick not manage to hang onto that ball?! The irony of his name!

Steven Roy (23:09:47 GMT)

TD Lynch. Bet Green Bay regret not going for those 4th downs at the start of the game now

Noelinho (23:10:21 GMT)

Or perhaps for running too much too early, instead of moving the chains.

Will^ (23:10:40 GMT)

What the... 2pt!!

Steven Roy (23:11:14 GMT)

1 point would achieve nothing. They had to go for 2

Will^ (23:11:56 GMT)

Wilson running backwards, but then still making the play was the amazing thing

Will^ (23:12:28 GMT)

85s for Rodgers, with 3 timeouts... best QB in the league...

Steven Roy (23:12:52 GMT)

GB have to go 80 yards in 1:19 or at least get the FG

Will^ (23:13:42 GMT)

How much does Sherman's 1-armed coverage help?

Steven Roy (23:14:09 GMT)

Rodgers's limp is back now the team is losing

Will^ (23:14:25 GMT)

Hobbling for the 1st

Noelinho (23:14:57 GMT)

How on earth do you allow a hobbling crock to hop for a first down there?

Will^ (23:15:34 GMT)

Protecting the deep ball?

Noelinho (23:15:57 GMT)

There's one FG-icer on the table for Seattle.

Noelinho (23:16:30 GMT)

You don't ice the kicker when it's windy. Don't give him two shots.

Will^ (23:17:08 GMT)

Aren't GB into the wind this quarter?

Steven Roy (23:17:23 GMT)

Crosby levels it

Will^ (23:17:24 GMT)


Steven Roy (23:22:36 GMT)

When your luck turns it turns. Seattle wins the toss

Will^ (23:22:36 GMT)

Seattle choose to receive

Will^ (23:25:06 GMT)

Apparently: "Russell Wilson is 4-0 in his career in overtime"

Noelinho (23:25:30 GMT)

Gotta lose sometime though, right?

Will^ (23:25:52 GMT)

Streaks are there to be broken

Steven Roy (23:29:33 GMT)


Will^ (23:29:34 GMT)


Will^ (23:30:07 GMT)

Wilson throws bombs when he needs to

Steven Roy (23:31:05 GMT)

I am stunned Seattle won that

Noelinho (23:39:32 GMT)

Quite incredible. Hope the next game is less exciting and more straightforward for the home team!

Will^ (23:52:52 GMT)

I might have to leave you with this one - I've got it on RadioPass, but I doubt I'll make it too far.

Steven Roy (23:53:39 GMT)

Not sure how much of this I will see

Noelinho (23:53:59 GMT)

Fair enough. I'm also watching until I get too tired, the game is looking done, or I fall asleep.

Noelinho (23:54:52 GMT)

I wish the NFC game was always on last instead.

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