NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

Saturday 10 January 2015, 21:30 GMT

After a road win last week, the Ravens travel to New England this week. The Cowboys visit Green Bay, whilst the Broncos host the Colts and the Panthers visit Seattle.

Will^ (21:16:55 GMT)

Evening. Best weekend of NFL football - 4 excellent games!

Noelinho (21:18:28 GMT)

Yeah, looking forward to it. Glad they've got the decent game on first.

Will^ (21:19:59 GMT)

The late game tonight, the one I'm not going to be able to watch, just happens to be the one that I'd rank last out of the 4

Will^ (21:20:43 GMT)

I think I will be an honorary Pats fan for the first game!

Noelinho (21:23:05 GMT)

Yes, I don't see the Panthers game being a great one.

Noelinho (21:26:05 GMT)

Who are your picks to win the games?

Will^ (21:26:39 GMT)

I've gone for the home teams (again) this week.

Will^ (21:27:26 GMT)

But I'm wary of Rodgers (and Romo's) fitness

Will^ (21:32:10 GMT)

And I dunno whether Manning will be throwing ducks, wounded ducks, or ducks that are already plucked and ready for roasting...

Noelinho (21:32:19 GMT)

The Packers - Cowboys game should be immense.

Will^ (21:33:02 GMT)

That should be the game of the weekend!

Will^ (21:35:37 GMT)

Kickoff... now!

Noelinho (21:37:20 GMT)

Right, I'm on my NowTV box, so Im a bit behind.

Will^ (21:38:19 GMT)

13:00 NOW

Noelinho (21:38:43 GMT)

13:00 now.

Will^ (21:39:36 GMT)

20s ish then. Ravens did rather well on that drive ;)

Noelinho (21:39:36 GMT)

Well, err, that was a bit easy.

Will^ (21:40:32 GMT)

The Pats' D do know the game has started, don't they?

Noelinho (21:41:02 GMT)

It didn't look like it.

Will^ (21:42:54 GMT)

Looks like Baltimore have Playoff Flacco under centre today

Will^ (21:44:04 GMT)


Will^ (21:44:30 GMT)

Danny Amend'oh!

Will^ (21:47:36 GMT)

Redemption there?

Noelinho (21:48:41 GMT)

Didn't look a catch to me, although I've not had a proper look.

Will^ (21:50:24 GMT)

He did a very good job, but it will be close

Noelinho (21:50:49 GMT)

That's not a catch. Not in a million years.

Will^ (21:53:20 GMT)

Are the Patriots allergic to tackling today?

Noelinho (21:53:37 GMT)

I could be an NFL official.

Will^ (21:54:34 GMT)

Making a probably correct call that is widely disputed, yeah, I'd say.

Noelinho (21:59:17 GMT)

Can't remember the last time the Pats' D looked so bad.

Will^ (21:59:56 GMT)

They are my Playoff Challenge D

Steven Roy (22:00:02 GMT)

Evening Just tuned in to see the Ravens take a 14 point lead

Will^ (22:00:41 GMT)

Hey there!

Noelinho (22:06:59 GMT)

Hi Steven. Pats have been dreadful so far.

Will^ (22:08:21 GMT)

Gronk catch. Gronk run with man.

Steven Roy (22:08:38 GMT)

Pats are getting better

Will^ (22:09:02 GMT)

The offense has woken up

Will^ (22:10:53 GMT)

Not sure that was the design of the play

Noelinho (22:13:24 GMT)

Well, a score's a score. Need to stop the a Ravens now.

Noelinho (22:18:51 GMT)

Pats could do with keeping Steve Smith Jr. off the field for a few snaps...

Will^ (22:19:06 GMT)

I didn't see the hit... Is he likely to be back on the field?

Noelinho (22:19:36 GMT)

He jogged to the sidelines after a couple of minutes, so maybe he'll come back.

Will^ (22:21:07 GMT)

I can't see anything keeping him out. Maybe he should get a cold compress on wherever was hurting - ice up son!

Will^ (22:22:17 GMT)

After all that, he missed 1 play

Noelinho (22:22:40 GMT)

His knee took a knock. Just needed a couple of minutes, that was all.

Noelinho (22:24:31 GMT)

It's amazing how often a punt looks like it'll be blocked, but isn't.

Will^ (22:28:29 GMT)

Brady under assault, and not happy about it

Noelinho (22:37:37 GMT)

Pats have the ball again. Brady needs to get rid of the ball quicker.

Will^ (22:40:01 GMT)


Will^ (22:40:36 GMT)

Would've be nice for the Pats to run the clock down to the half, get the score, and go in equal...

Will^ (22:44:26 GMT)

I keep forgetting to slow down my commenting speed by ~20s

Noelinho (22:48:03 GMT)

Well, that was a bit fortunate.

Will^ (22:48:37 GMT)

Which aspect?

Noelinho (22:49:17 GMT)

Not a great pass, defender slipped.

Will^ (22:54:18 GMT)


Noelinho (22:58:24 GMT)

Edelman did nicely there.

Noelinho (23:04:57 GMT)

That interception was all on Brady.

Will^ (23:06:32 GMT)

Hands all over him

Noelinho (23:07:02 GMT)

Such poor discipline.

Noelinho (23:11:48 GMT)

That's a blow before the half.

Will^ (23:12:28 GMT)

If it was 3 that would've been more manageable

Noelinho (23:28:22 GMT)

I need a longer halftime. How do the players cope?

Will^ (23:30:12 GMT)

I started getting food ready during the 2-minute warning

Will^ (23:34:57 GMT)

Could've (should've) been picked

Noelinho (23:36:29 GMT)

Ah good, a proper hit.

Noelinho (23:37:36 GMT)

Must be going FG. Otherwise you'd take the penalty.

Noelinho (23:38:46 GMT)

Err, right. All-round weird.

Will^ (23:39:12 GMT)

Pats D are gift-wrapping this for the Ravens

Will^ (23:39:29 GMT)

Ohh, bizarre

Will^ (23:40:25 GMT)

Although that gets things done.

Noelinho (23:46:17 GMT)

Hawaiian dude!

Will^ (23:51:47 GMT)

Gronk on the quick slant - pretty much uncoverable.

Noelinho (23:51:58 GMT)


Will^ (00:00:41 GMT)

Would you say that a punt is as good as a turnover at this point?

Will^ (00:01:01 GMT)

(Assuming it doesn't end up on the turf)

Noelinho (00:03:18 GMT)

Yes, it's all about the Ravens not having the ball, whatever that means.

Will^ (00:04:58 GMT)


Will^ (00:10:08 GMT)

It's all coming up Patriot blue!

Noelinho (00:10:44 GMT)

This game's turned, eh?

Noelinho (00:13:50 GMT)

Maybe it still needs to turn a bit more after that series.

Will^ (00:14:48 GMT)

Not much change after that INT-punt exchange

Will^ (00:16:00 GMT)

Although that is something... but penalty!

Noelinho (00:18:57 GMT)

Tough penalty that.

Noelinho (00:23:10 GMT)

Big stop.

Will^ (00:23:20 GMT)

Ravens going for it

Noelinho (00:27:41 GMT)

THAT was a big stop.

Will^ (00:28:40 GMT)

Right, *that* was your big stop

Noelinho (00:32:42 GMT)

I'd just momentarily gone into the future.

Noelinho (00:33:08 GMT)

Still think the Pats will win?

Will^ (00:34:16 GMT)

Yes, but the defense has to show up

Will^ (00:34:49 GMT)


Noelinho (00:35:02 GMT)

He was down.

Will^ (00:35:14 GMT)

Definitely down

Will^ (00:35:36 GMT)

Knee and then probably elbow also - they shouldn't get this one wrong

Noelinho (00:37:36 GMT)

It was obvious.

Noelinho (00:38:32 GMT)

The ref almost,sounds embarrassed about how that was called so badly

Will^ (00:38:55 GMT)

Brady on the QB squash

Will^ (00:40:42 GMT)

Nice battling there

Noelinho (00:41:20 GMT)

Big first down.

Noelinho (00:41:45 GMT)

Have the Patriots run at all in the second half?

Will^ (00:42:05 GMT)

I don't think so. I love how the Pats use this short passing game as their run game

Will^ (00:42:23 GMT)

Brady's sneak

Will^ (00:42:48 GMT)

I don't think they need it tbh!

Will^ (00:43:44 GMT)

From Twitter: Brady's QB sneak is the #Patriots only run play of the 2nd half. 24 passes

Noelinho (00:43:48 GMT)

That was a fabulous pass.

Will^ (00:44:43 GMT) stats have the Pats with 19 yards on the ground for the whole game

Noelinho (00:46:30 GMT)

That many?

Will^ (00:46:48 GMT)

I know right

Noelinho (00:48:43 GMT)

Have the Patriots even touched Flacco tonight?

Will^ (00:49:35 GMT)

The fumble that was called back, plus I think once more

Will^ (00:51:35 GMT)

I think that counts as touching him

Will^ (00:53:11 GMT)

Haha - trading timeouts

Will^ (00:58:45 GMT)


Will^ (01:02:33 GMT)

Woah, Harbaugh just got tricksy with the clock management

Will^ (01:03:09 GMT)

Bill stopped concentrating on that one

Will^ (01:04:57 GMT)

Jones also cost them a shot or 2 at the end zone

Noelinho (01:07:12 GMT)

There was some awful clock management at the end there.

Noelinho (01:07:28 GMT)

It was also a really long game!

Will^ (01:09:10 GMT)

That was some game! 3.5 hours worth

Noelinho (01:09:59 GMT)

Kickoff for the second game is delayed.

Will^ (01:11:42 GMT)

Until when - I might listen to that one in bed

Noelinho (01:14:39 GMT)

Twenty past.

Noelinho (01:14:56 GMT)

It would have been a five past kickoff.

Will^ (01:42:36 GMT)

Sherman INT

Noelinho (01:46:44 GMT)

Good start for Seattle. Panthers turnovers will cost them a lot here I think. Nice pass from RW there too!

Will^ (18:00:24 GMT)

Evening. This game will have to live up to / exceed expectations if it is to beat yesterday's BALvNE game for the best of the weekend!

Noelinho (18:11:22 GMT)

Not sure anything can beat last night's game to be honest.

Will^ (18:12:31 GMT)

It was pretty damn good!

Will^ (18:13:03 GMT)

Packers' D started well

Noelinho (18:14:04 GMT)

Did Rodgers call "New York bozo"? Harsh way to talk about Brett Favre...

Will^ (18:14:48 GMT)

Hahaha. I think I heard Brady last night shouting that he'd found Fido.

Noelinho (18:15:41 GMT)

That would be an awesome audible.

Noelinho (18:16:23 GMT)

Good start for the Packers. I don't thinkthe Cowboys can chase from behind at Lambeau like they can at home.

Will^ (18:17:41 GMT)

Change the name of the dog for various plays, and maybe occasionally 'lose' Fido to flip the play. I could write NFL verbiage ;)

Will^ (18:20:43 GMT)

Cowboys need to keep e Pack O off the field, and shorten the game, I expect some long drives

Noelinho (18:22:53 GMT)

Completely needless penalty.

Noelinho (18:33:51 GMT)

Wow, first quarter is nearly over!

Will^ (18:34:29 GMT)

TD Dallas. The crowd in Green Bay doesn't really react

Noelinho (18:49:49 GMT)

Rodgers not taking advantage of time in the pocket.

Noelinho (18:50:33 GMT)

Well that was a disaster.

Will^ (18:50:34 GMT)

Lacy is being assessed for a concussion

Will^ (18:51:25 GMT)

Rodgers didn't get his timeout in... Upshot being that Dallas end the play with the ball

Will^ (18:51:44 GMT)

Multiple facepalms

Noelinho (18:55:32 GMT)

Oh dear, Packers struggling a bit then.

Will^ (18:56:30 GMT)

TD Williams - Cowboys lead

Noelinho (18:56:39 GMT)

Bad defence there.

Will^ (18:58:11 GMT)

Should not have reached the 1st down marker

Noelinho (18:59:13 GMT)

Should at least have been brought down as he got close.

Will^ (19:00:48 GMT)

Was that Lacy back in the game?

Noelinho (19:01:26 GMT)

#27 - that's Lacy.

Will^ (19:05:20 GMT)

Dallas D stepping up when it matters

Noelinho (19:10:38 GMT)

Cowboys looking good so far, after the first series.

Noelinho (19:12:38 GMT)

I thought the Packers were offside there.

Noelinho (19:25:59 GMT)

Great catch from Cobb.

Noelinho (19:28:57 GMT)

Big sack!

Will^ (19:55:46 GMT)

Rodgers not looking himself: mobility is down, throws are off target - Dallas have a good chance

Noelinho (19:57:49 GMT)

Not convinced that all was tipped.

Noelinho (19:58:26 GMT)

*ball. I don't think it was tipped.

Will^ (20:01:07 GMT)


Will^ (20:01:20 GMT)

Packers have it

Noelinho (20:02:58 GMT)

It's a nicely balanced game!

Noelinho (20:05:25 GMT)

Packers #69 may mean the penalties offset.

Noelinho (20:06:57 GMT)

Oh, ok, so it was on them anyway.

Will^ (20:07:21 GMT)

News from Denver - Trent Richardson is IA

Noelinho (20:08:41 GMT)

He's not injured either.

Will^ (20:09:09 GMT)

Nope, a healthy scratch

Noelinho (20:14:48 GMT)

EUPHEMISM saves the TD.

Noelinho (20:15:29 GMT)

...but only for one play.

Noelinho (20:25:17 GMT)

500 home passes without an interception. Wow.

Will^ (20:26:16 GMT)

Rodgers is pretty good, you heard it here first

Noelinho (20:28:31 GMT)

Wow. Pulled the rabbit out of the hat there.

Will^ (20:28:38 GMT)

TD Packers - 46 yard catch and run

Noelinho (20:35:47 GMT)

Oh dear, Cowboys collapsing now.

Will^ (20:43:55 GMT)

Are the Packers doing all this without a RB - no sign of Lacy or Starks for a bit (IIRC)

Will^ (20:45:36 GMT)

Rodgers to Rodgers

Noelinho (20:45:57 GMT)

I don't see any reason for it. Maybe they just prefer to throw.

Noelinho (20:46:44 GMT)

Why go for 2 there?

Will^ (20:47:22 GMT)

It seems weird for neither of them not to be out there - unless they're injured

Will^ (20:52:50 GMT)

Tony Ouch

Will^ (20:53:55 GMT)

Dallas going for it

Will^ (20:54:28 GMT)


Will^ (20:58:32 GMT)

Wow! Those refs are putting themselves right in the middle of this game!

Noelinho (21:04:51 GMT)

I just plain disagree with that call.

Will^ (21:05:08 GMT)

Me too

Will^ (21:05:57 GMT)

Has the ball pinned to his helmet and it only moves from there after his knee and elbow have both landed

Will^ (21:10:42 GMT)

Ok so it wasn't on his helmet, but he had it pinned for sure

Noelinho (21:28:00 GMT)

So, Broncos to win the final game?

Will^ (21:30:38 GMT)

That's who I've got

Steven Roy (21:40:02 GMT)


Steven Roy (21:41:57 GMT)

I thought the Dez Bryant catch decision was ridiculous. How can someone catch the ball, take 3 steps then be ruled not to have caught it?

Will^ (21:44:38 GMT)

Deano Blandino seems to think otherwise...

Noelinho (21:45:02 GMT)

It's puzzling. How many steps are required? 10?

Steven Roy (21:47:05 GMT)

There is apparently no rule on the number of steps now. The thing is if he had crossed the plane of the end zone just before he hit the ground it is a TD even if he loses control after that

Steven Roy (21:53:35 GMT)

Nice to see the Broncos passing as much. They have been running too much in recent games

Noelinho (21:55:19 GMT)

Who have you got winning this Steven?

Will^ (21:55:35 GMT)

Peyton there just ordering himself a cheeky Papa John's

Steven Roy (21:57:05 GMT)

I can't see Denver lose this. I based my fantasy team entirely on Cowboys and Broncos. My chances disappeared with a dodgy incomplete call

Will^ (22:00:54 GMT)

Running into the punter

Noelinho (22:04:10 GMT)

Why does the AFC championship game always have to be the late one?

Steven Roy (22:04:24 GMT)

That's how you take the presure off when you are on your own goal line

Noelinho (22:07:13 GMT)

You don't get better punt coverage than that.

Will^ (22:14:01 GMT)

The Colts screen game is their run game

Will^ (22:18:58 GMT)

All square

Will^ (22:26:34 GMT)

Ball on the ground!

Noelinho (22:27:12 GMT)

Colts have it.

Noelinho (22:28:00 GMT)

Felt like the ball was on the ground for ages.

Noelinho (22:28:35 GMT)

A flea flicker for three yards?

Will^ (22:28:57 GMT)

It just sat there, I had time to double take and mentally check it wasn't a batted pass

Noelinho (22:33:53 GMT)

Sack, TD, INT, flag - that play could have been anything.

Noelinho (22:35:15 GMT)

Colts lead.

Steven Roy (22:41:18 GMT)

Broncos have stopping the punt return down to a fine art

Noelinho (22:41:42 GMT)

Some of the hits are brutal.

Noelinho (22:47:20 GMT)

Vinatieri misses!

Will^ (22:48:46 GMT)

He never misses!

Steven Roy (22:50:58 GMT)

Quite amazing how often Peyton lets the play clock go down to 1 but almost never to zero

Steven Roy (22:53:06 GMT)

The long pass just isn't working.

Will^ (23:03:30 GMT)

INT - Denver get the ball on the 50 with 90+ seconds left in the half.

Steven Roy (23:03:40 GMT)

Interception. Not much worse than a punt

Will^ (23:04:07 GMT)

39 yard punt (after the return) - average

Noelinho (23:04:14 GMT)

Terrible pass.

Steven Roy (23:04:28 GMT)

Demaryius wants to be a juggler

Will^ (23:05:12 GMT)

If we're auditioning Broncos for roles in the circus, Manning better not end up as the knife thrower

Noelinho (23:36:56 GMT)

Hilton looked confused there. Thought he was going for a pick 6.

Will^ (23:40:00 GMT)

I called a Denver win before the game, but I'd be much happier with the Colts advancing

Noelinho (23:40:45 GMT)

Are the Colts playing above their level, or are the Broncos' secondary just decidedly average?

Noelinho (23:41:11 GMT)

I'd love the Colts to win this. Patriots should smash them.

Will^ (23:42:13 GMT)

Broncos CB Chris Harris was named in the PFF "players of the season who were not quite as good as JJWatt" list, plus they have Talib - so talent-wise they are not awful

Noelinho (23:43:18 GMT)

They've made no impression today though.

Will^ (23:45:01 GMT)

They've not shown up, much like the Pats' that started last night.

Steven Roy (23:46:35 GMT)

Denver recover the punt

Will^ (23:47:29 GMT)

They both hit him simultaneously...

Noelinho (23:47:33 GMT)

Tell ya what, I'm glad I'm not the punt returner.

Will^ (23:49:07 GMT)

He looked like he was out for the count

Noelinho (23:49:36 GMT)

Yeah, think he's down though.

Steven Roy (23:50:51 GMT)

How can he be down by contact?

Will^ (23:51:40 GMT)

That is even more strange than ruling who hit him first

Noelinho (23:52:14 GMT)

Ball was in his hand when the knee hit the floor.

Steven Roy (23:52:19 GMT)

His team mate made first contact.

Steven Roy (23:53:20 GMT)

So that counts as a good catch even though he lost the ball but the Dez Bryant catch where he took three steps with the ball is not

Will^ (23:53:27 GMT)

I thought they were going to rule that his team mate hit him, but they obviously saw him down as well

Noelinho (23:54:28 GMT)

I think it was the right call. I definitely wouldn't listen to Mike Carey's views...

Will^ (23:55:04 GMT)

You are asking for an int if you throw it into that crowd

Noelinho (23:59:02 GMT)

That was a late reaction for a neutral zone infraction.

Steven Roy (00:02:49 GMT)

How did Anderson get through all those tacklers?

Will^ (00:03:00 GMT)

Great hustle to escape EVERYONE!

Noelinho (00:03:51 GMT)

Someone has to make that tackle. That's potentially costing them 7 points.

Will^ (00:04:42 GMT)

That has potentially saved Denver's season

Noelinho (00:08:01 GMT)

8 points in it.

Steven Roy (00:27:22 GMT)

That field goal makes it very difficult for the Broncos now.

Will^ (00:30:01 GMT)

So Denver need a TD+2pt and a FG, and that's just to tie it

Will^ (00:31:18 GMT)

I think we may be about to get a Manning pick to essentially put the game beyond reach.

Noelinho (00:33:14 GMT)

Whoever wins, the Patriots will be confident.

Will^ (00:33:42 GMT)

Yeah, at this point the AFC is the Pats' to lose

Will^ (00:35:07 GMT)

Came up short - has to be a challenge...

Noelinho (00:35:15 GMT)

He's short.

Will^ (00:35:28 GMT)

How rude ;)

Steven Roy (00:35:44 GMT)

His hand is down 2 yards before the yellow line with one of the Colts touching him

Will^ (00:36:12 GMT)

I didn't think the hand counted as something that could down you

Steven Roy (00:36:59 GMT)

I thought anything but the sole of the feet touching the ground counted

Will^ (00:37:55 GMT)

Pretty sure hands aren't on that list, as you see players lean on their hands to steady themselves after breaking tackles

Will^ (00:38:38 GMT)

What do you think, Peyton's last game in the NFL?

Steven Roy (00:40:05 GMT)

Manning's situation is difficult because Denver don't have a Luck or a Rodgers putting pressure on him. Who do they get as an alternative?

Will^ (00:40:33 GMT)

Brock Ostweiler

Will^ (00:41:02 GMT)

Or maybe a return of Cutler, although why anyone would trade for that contract!?

Noelinho (00:41:50 GMT)

Tim Tebow

Noelinho (00:42:55 GMT)

Seriously though, Peyton's done now. He's up against Rodgers, Wilson, Brady and more. They're all better, healthier, more composed.

Noelinho (00:43:27 GMT)

Well, maybe Brady isn't always composed, but during the snap, he is.

Will^ (00:43:39 GMT)

I don't think Peyton's body will let him go round again

Will^ (00:46:41 GMT)

short passes are not going to cut it in this spot

Will^ (00:48:26 GMT)

That does it

Steven Roy (00:49:04 GMT)

My entire fantasy team wiped out in a few hours.

Steven Roy (00:49:31 GMT)

I have to be up early in the morning so I will say goodnight

Noelinho (00:50:25 GMT)

Bye bye Peyton.

Will^ (00:51:51 GMT)

Byee. I'm off as well - but at least I'm going to be back next week ;)

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