Super Bowl XLIX

Sunday 01 February 2015, 23:30 GMT

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and it's the New England Patriots against the Settle Seahawks. Can Tom Brady win a fourth ring, or will Russell Wilson be the youngest to win two?

Will^ (22:34:50 GMT)

Super Bowl baby, yeah!

Noelinho (22:39:34 GMT)

Should be a good one!

Will^ (22:40:32 GMT)

Your comments look very sharp on my new phone

Noelinho (22:46:05 GMT)

yes, they look good on mobile, less so once you go larger…

ADMunro (22:50:48 GMT)

Hello all. Plugging my phone in until game time so radio silence from me!

Steven Roy (22:56:49 GMT)

Evening all. Really looking forward to this. Should be a close game

Noelinho (23:01:13 GMT)

So, who are your picks tonight, and who do you want to win?

Noelinho (23:06:28 GMT)

I think the Seahawks will win, but I want the Patriots to win - obviously!

Will^ (23:09:19 GMT)

I've got the Pats on both counts

Noelinho (23:11:43 GMT)

Seahawks win it on entrance music.

Will^ (23:17:57 GMT)

Brady looks psyched, Wilson looks nervous

Steven Roy (23:21:03 GMT)

6 planes in the flypast? Normally only 4

ADMunro (23:21:24 GMT)

Think Pats, really really want Seahawks.

Steven Roy (23:21:49 GMT)

I really don't have a favourite tonight. I can't make up my mind who will win

ADMunro (23:25:09 GMT)

I mostly hope it's exciting. Won't be too bothered if the Pats win but I need to justify the three hours of sleep I'll get somehow.

Steven Roy (23:25:20 GMT)

The honorary captains look more nervous than the players

ADMunro (23:27:02 GMT)

I missed the toss. What happened?

Will^ (23:27:37 GMT)

NE called heads, lost and will now receive

ADMunro (23:27:58 GMT)


Noelinho (23:30:23 GMT)

When Brady throws 50+ times a game in the playoffs, he's 3-1. All other quarterbacks combined are 3-27. Amazing stat.

Will^ (23:33:08 GMT)

Hawks have started worse than last year... they were already ahead by now

Noelinho (23:33:43 GMT)

Pats doing better than their last appearance too.

ADMunro (23:36:32 GMT)

Silly penalty.

Will^ (23:37:43 GMT)

Could have been a 15 yarder by all accounts

Steven Roy (23:38:21 GMT)

I don't like the way the punter's leg bent.

Noelinho (23:47:00 GMT)

I'm sure Brady was talking about Fido there.

Will^ (23:47:26 GMT)

Has he still not found him?

Steven Roy (23:48:19 GMT)

Not surprised he can't find the dog with all those big guys in front of him

Noelinho (23:49:48 GMT)

I think the problem is, Fido escaped the pitch.

Steven Roy (23:52:49 GMT)


ADMunro (23:53:14 GMT)

Pick! Suck it Brady. Seahawks man injured though?

Will^ (23:53:46 GMT)

Was there even anyone in the area of that pass?

Steven Roy (23:54:11 GMT)

Didn't seem to be anyone in the area to catch the ball

Will^ (23:54:46 GMT)

If he was throwing it out the back of the endzone it was a pretty poor job

Steven Roy (23:55:16 GMT)

There was one Pat at the back of the end zone going towards the ball but he had no chance of getting there

Noelinho (23:55:43 GMT)

It was just like his pick against Baltimore.

Steven Roy (23:58:01 GMT)

Incredible protection for Wilson but no open receivers

ADMunro (23:58:21 GMT)

He had all the time in the world on that one.

Will^ (23:59:35 GMT)

The Pats and Hawks offences are seemingly behaving as opposites - neither has both open receivers and time to throw

Noelinho (00:02:14 GMT)

Lane is doubtful to return, although that was pretty obvious.

Will^ (00:02:40 GMT)

Do Seattle have all their receivers playing on their OLine?

Noelinho (00:06:56 GMT)

Thought that was going to be another pick there.

ADMunro (00:08:13 GMT)

I have decided that my cut-off time is 3am. As I have to be out of bed at 6.30, anything less than about 3h30 is going to be mental.

ADMunro (00:08:33 GMT)

To be fair, anything less than about 6 hours is mental, but whatever.

Steven Roy (00:09:06 GMT)

So close to the first score

Steven Roy (00:09:47 GMT)

I need to be up at 7:30 at the absolute latest so I will probably have less than 4 hours sleep.

Will^ (00:10:20 GMT)

I'm thinking anything past 3:30 is late, but I know I'll not be able to leave at that point

ADMunro (00:11:11 GMT)

But surely it won't go past 3:30, that'd make it a four hour game and even with extended halftime that is mad.

ADMunro (00:11:41 GMT)


Will^ (00:11:47 GMT)

2 years ago went late, but then we did have the blackout

Steven Roy (00:11:50 GMT)


Steven Roy (00:12:49 GMT)

20 minutes into the game and the Seahawks only have one 1st down

Will^ (00:13:05 GMT)

Let's see what Seattle has got, now that the deadlock is broken

Noelinho (00:15:30 GMT)

Patriots went after Simon, as you'd expect. He's the weakest link on the Seahawks' D right now.

ADMunro (00:17:25 GMT)

In other news, there are two fire engines, a police car, and a police helicopter outside my flat at the moment. No idea what's going on...

Noelinho (00:18:21 GMT)

I was about to call two guys in motion on the Patriots there, until I realised they're now playing D.

Steven Roy (00:19:26 GMT)

Nice job by Logan Ryan

Journeyer (00:25:55 GMT)

Woot! I made it! (But I do have a meeting later. Hope it coincides with halftime.) It seems I missed a Pats TD?

Will^ (00:26:45 GMT)


Noelinho (00:26:55 GMT)

This is why Lane is out:

Steven Roy (00:28:07 GMT)

Hi Journeyer. Glad yoou made it

Steven Roy (00:30:55 GMT)

Wilson's first completetion with less than 5 to go in the half???

Steven Roy (00:31:14 GMT)

Great catch

ADMunro (00:31:20 GMT)

What a great catch!

Noelinho (00:31:35 GMT)

Saw that play coming.

Will^ (00:31:38 GMT)

That was huge

Steven Roy (00:32:40 GMT)

Wilson 2/4 Brady 15/21

Steven Roy (00:33:04 GMT)


ADMunro (00:33:28 GMT)

Beast mode! Seahawks needed that score before half time.

Will^ (00:33:58 GMT)

Give that man some Skittles

Noelinho (00:36:38 GMT)

Seattle timed that well. They receive the second half kickoff.

Mr C (00:46:21 GMT)

hey y'all

Will^ (00:46:38 GMT)

Evening Mr C!

Will^ (00:47:25 GMT)

You've got here just in time for the half time pop concert

Mr C (00:47:28 GMT)

did i miss anything exciting. had it on in the background, but no comms.

Noelinho (00:47:43 GMT)

Lane's been upgraded to questionable.

Will^ (00:47:46 GMT)


ADMunro (00:48:01 GMT)

Stupid Gronk.

Noelinho (00:48:58 GMT)

It's been good. Nothing incredible, just a generally tough-fought game so far.

Mr C (00:49:42 GMT)

pop concert is me fav bit. (unless it's bruno mars, who'll inevitably kill the stadium vibe in less than three minutes)

Will^ (00:50:23 GMT)

Especially when he finishes on a slow number!

Journeyer (00:50:35 GMT)

WOW. Last-minute TD. I suspect that will be crucial at the end. Mr. C - It's Katy. ;)

ADMunroi (00:51:03 GMT)

A 45 MINUTE HALFTIME?! I might not make it to the end of this after all.

Noelinho (00:51:20 GMT)

It's 28 minutes.

Mr C (00:51:28 GMT)

love the live comments btw, first time i've tried em proper. only complaint is the copyright date is old :)

Noelinho (00:52:14 GMT)

Heh, hadn't noticed that. I'll fix it tomorrow.

Mr C (00:52:18 GMT)

katy will do nicely.

Noelinho (00:52:49 GMT)

Brady now has 11 Super Bowl TDs. One more for the record.

ADMunroi (00:55:35 GMT)

Oh, good, thought it was half an hour. Carlson talking shit then.

ADMunro (00:56:06 GMT)

why won't this I vanish from the end of my name

ADMunro (00:56:16 GMT)

oh there it goes

Noelinho (00:56:47 GMT)

Clean language, please. Leave the smack talk for Twitter.

ADMunro (00:57:20 GMT)

Sorry. I always forget that.

Will^ (00:58:08 GMT)

TD Hawks

ADMunro (00:58:18 GMT)

Touchdown! What a drive from the Hawks!

Journeyer (00:58:43 GMT)

WOW. Crazy final 2 minutes.

Will^ (00:58:47 GMT)

IF we're not careful Noelinho will code something that checks our comments for swearing when we hit submit.

Journeyer (00:59:28 GMT)

So... Will the Hawks go for a kick? Or go for two? I'd go for two.

Journeyer (00:59:46 GMT)

Will, I'm surprised Mr. C didn't do that at SPC. ;)

ADMunro (01:00:43 GMT)

Time for Katy!

Noelinho (01:01:23 GMT)

I could, but the effort-usage ratio isn't worth it right now.

Noelinho (01:02:42 GMT)

Someone needs to tell Gethin Jones he just issued the best bit of the halftime show.

Mr C (01:03:18 GMT)

we had that once, it caught all the wrong words, like 'mishit'. i'm not sad that we don't have to moderate comments anymore, but i'm pleased there's still somewhere to live comment this. *big hugs sir*

ADMunro (01:03:19 GMT)

Hey, if I don't have to think about it I'll swear like a trooper all the time- you'd definitely get use out of it.

Noelinho (01:08:19 GMT)

Yeah, that's the biggest problem with those things. Too many false positives.

Noelinho (01:08:45 GMT)

To be honest, there are more important things on the list before that :-)

Mr C (01:11:47 GMT)


Will^ (01:11:55 GMT)

She is on fire

Noelinho (01:12:58 GMT)

She may as well chuck that microphone in the bin.

Noelinho (01:17:04 GMT)

Heh, those props are fun. But I'd rather we had Taylor Swift.

ADMunro (01:18:10 GMT)

I like the Pastel Power Rangers.

Mr C (01:19:07 GMT)

missy with her one song. (which is one more than lenny i guess)

Will^ (01:19:27 GMT)

Where has Missy been hiding all these years?

Mr C (01:20:48 GMT)

wait, she has another tune?

ADMunro (01:21:01 GMT)

She has two. That one and the first one.

Mr C (01:21:30 GMT)


Will^ (01:21:55 GMT)

Ahh, I see, Missy was an excuse for a costume change, then the diversion for another

Mr C (01:22:09 GMT)

her mic has a wii strap attached. quick game of bowling?

Will^ (01:22:50 GMT)

Has she hijacked the hanging field camera?

Mr C (01:22:58 GMT)

i think so!

Mr C (01:23:12 GMT)

katy cam

ADMunro (01:23:15 GMT)

I think someone accidentally let off the victory fireworks.

Mr C (01:23:54 GMT)

that was fun!

ADMunro (01:25:34 GMT)

Agreed. The sharks were the best.

Noelinho (01:30:23 GMT)

Wait, apparently that shark is a DigitalOcean ad...

Mr C (01:31:02 GMT)

surely not? they're a tiny company.

ADMunro (01:31:42 GMT)

I don't even know what they sell but I want one. Those sharks RULED.

Noelinho (01:33:54 GMT)

Their Twitter feed claims it's accidental. Oh well, great for them!

Will^ (01:34:45 GMT)


Noelinho (01:35:50 GMT)

Need to put Revis on Matthews, clearly.

ADMunro (01:47:24 GMT)


Will^ (01:47:39 GMT)

Another Brady pick... but there's a flag

Noelinho (01:49:30 GMT)

Into double coverage and picked off underneath. Exactly what happened against the Colts.

Will^ (01:50:09 GMT)

The pressure got into Brady's head

Journeyer (01:50:48 GMT)

I step out for a meeting and everything goes off. Also, Brady intercepted twice already... Hmmm.

ADMunro (01:53:14 GMT)

good D pats

Mr C (01:53:16 GMT)

no-one there. easy.

Noelinho (01:57:28 GMT)

Avril has a possible concussion. Questionable to return.

Journeyer (01:59:54 GMT)

This is getting away from the Pats now. 2 Ints plus subpar defense from them hurting them badly.

Noelinho (02:01:14 GMT)

The TD was partly because Revis was blocked by an official.

ADMunro (02:02:01 GMT)


ADMunro (02:02:34 GMT)

um, where did the rest of my comment go? I said something about how it was good play from the Seahawk to make the referee in the way.

Will^ (02:03:23 GMT)

Did you use an & because at one point they did something weird.

ADMunro (02:04:49 GMT)

nope, that was just a sentence with no punctuation... oh wait, yeah, I used < and > to make something that was probably parsed as a tag

Noelinho (02:05:53 GMT)

All tags are stripped. Leave a space and it won't parse it as a tag.

ADMunro (02:08:14 GMT)

ooh, that one was close

Will^ (02:15:01 GMT)

4th quarter already?! This one's going fast

ADMunro (02:15:24 GMT)

i'm so happy about that 'cos I didn't nap earlier and I am flagging now

Will^ (02:17:51 GMT)

Bed before 3 would be a good number

ADMunro (02:18:25 GMT)

i'm gunning for 2.45... go go gadget speed football!

ADMunro (02:27:25 GMT)


Will^ (02:27:31 GMT)

TD Danny Amendola

Noelinho (02:29:05 GMT)

We all know if I mention it, we won't get it, but... could we get our first ever Super Bowl overtime? It's a possibility... Though not a likely outcome from here, I'd say.

ADMunro (02:29:24 GMT)

no no dont overtime would literally kill me

Noelinho (02:31:43 GMT)

Overtime would be fitting for these teams. Undoubtedly the two best in the league. Not a lot to choose between them. Real ebbs and flows.

ADMunro (02:34:12 GMT)

stonewall PI there

Noelinho (02:35:39 GMT)

I think that levels up the missed penalties. I don't like the way ref's rarely throw flags in the Super Bowl.

ADMunro (02:38:28 GMT)

wow, this game is chugging now - gonna have to see it through though..

Will^ (02:42:22 GMT)

Gronk - always reliable for some possession receiving

Noelinho (02:43:41 GMT)

Gronk and Edelman look so tired. Hard game for everyone.

Will^ (02:44:52 GMT)

Have the Pats left too much time on the clock?

ADMunro (02:45:21 GMT)

I think so. Plenty of time to go.

Noelinho (02:45:38 GMT)

It doesn't really matter. Any time is enough. They started with a lot.

Journeyer (02:45:57 GMT)

Lots of time for the Hawks to do something. Question is - will the Pats defense hold up?

Noelinho (02:46:02 GMT)

They've not really stopped the clock anyway.

Will^ (02:46:27 GMT)

I thought 6 minutes would be tough to run out either way, but Wilson could tear them up in 2.

Will^ (02:47:19 GMT)


ADMunro (02:47:22 GMT)


Will^ (02:47:43 GMT)

Brady has the TD record now then

Noelinho (02:47:46 GMT)

If Brady throws once more, and wins, he would have more postseason wins with 50+ passes than ALL THE OTHER QB'S IN HISTORY PUT TOGETHER.

Noelinho (02:48:07 GMT)

He already had it.

Journeyer (02:48:39 GMT)


Noelinho (02:48:44 GMT)

Four timeouts, TD wins it.

Will^ (02:48:45 GMT)

Ohh yeah, today's 3rd was the record - I lost count

Will^ (02:50:02 GMT)

This is where the Hawks unleash the read option

ADMunro (02:50:50 GMT)


Will^ (02:50:54 GMT)

Huge gain

Will^ (02:56:10 GMT)

3rd and 10, although it has to be a 4-down game

ADMunro (02:56:31 GMT)

huge third down pass

ADMunro (02:56:57 GMT)


Will^ (02:57:10 GMT)


Journeyer (02:57:24 GMT)

What happened??

ADMunro (02:57:25 GMT)


Will^ (02:58:07 GMT)

Brady there watching his 3rd ring slip off his finger

ADMunro (02:58:26 GMT)

Juggled catch by Kearse while on the floor to bring the ball to the Pats 5 or so...

Steven Roy (02:59:02 GMT)

Damn Fell asleep

ADMunro (02:59:20 GMT)

good time to wake back up!

Will^ (02:59:29 GMT)

You get to see the final minute though

Will^ (02:59:45 GMT)


Steven Roy (02:59:50 GMT)


ADMunro (02:59:51 GMT)


ADMunro (02:59:57 GMT)

why not run that?!

Will^ (03:00:23 GMT)


Journeyer (03:00:24 GMT)

OH. MY!!!!!

ADMunro (03:00:43 GMT)

what an awful play call

Noelinho (03:02:25 GMT)


Will^ (03:02:47 GMT)

This is looking awfully like a safety - pretty hard to get out of there

ADMunro (03:02:52 GMT)

but, what an incredible game of football

Steven Roy (03:03:32 GMT)

What a stupid penalty to give away

Will^ (03:04:01 GMT)


ADMunro (03:04:15 GMT)

this is just brilliant

Will^ (03:05:04 GMT)

Gronk takes multiple shots

ADMunro (03:05:28 GMT)

no ejection for gronk there? got some gnarly hits in

Will^ (03:06:55 GMT)

Pats win!

ADMunro (03:06:56 GMT)

anyway, i am out. cracking game lads, are we having f1 comments here too?

Journeyer (03:08:14 GMT)

Crazy finish - brilliant! And yes - F1 comments here plz!!!

Will^ (03:09:35 GMT)

Gronk went to college in AZ - he is going to destroy that town tonight!

Noelinho (03:09:47 GMT)

I'll have a think about the F1 comments.

Will^ (03:12:23 GMT)

Brady = MVP

Will^ (03:13:30 GMT)

The guy about to receive the trophy is the guy who is ultimately responsible for the chocolate in creme eggs changing...

Noelinho (03:14:30 GMT)

Robert Kraft has nothing to do ah Kraft Foods.

Will^ (03:17:11 GMT)

Is it not his money? My bad

Will^ (03:18:29 GMT)

I normally like watching the presentation, but sleep is far more necessary tonight

Will^ (03:18:41 GMT)

Thanks for the commenting space :)

Steven Roy (03:19:30 GMT)

I always thought he was Kraft foods but he is not

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