NFL Week 16

Saturday 20 December 2014, 21:30 GMT

Some playoff spots are wrapped up, but plenty still up for grabs. The Falcons visit the Saints in a crucial divisional matchup, but other big games include Colts - Cowboys, Seattle - Arizona and Broncos - Bengals.

Will^ (21:38:06 GMT)

Evening. I think I might actually be able to sit down and search for a stream...

Will^ (21:40:05 GMT)

I think this is my first time checking out the comments on my LT

Noelinho (21:41:38 GMT)

I'm watching too. RG3 has started well.

Noelinho (21:42:36 GMT)

That said, his technique on his throws still doesn't look great.

Will^ (21:43:23 GMT)

Is he looking more RG3-&-out or RGINT? (No stream yet)

Noelinho (21:43:49 GMT)

He's RG 3-for3.

Will^ (21:45:15 GMT)

RG3points from that drive

Noelinho (21:45:53 GMT)

Looks like you're ahead of me. I've only just seen 3rd down.

Will^ (21:46:14 GMT)

Stream > GamePass (as usual) ;)

Noelinho (21:48:01 GMT)

Stream is faster, but quality is no match.

Will^ (21:52:10 GMT)

I've got it on half a screen, so quality is not an issue

Noelinho (21:52:55 GMT)

Fair enough. 1st quarter has been very quick so far.

Will^ (21:53:20 GMT)

Shady breaking ankles

Will^ (21:54:09 GMT)

Eagles cranking out the hurry-up

Will^ (21:55:59 GMT)

If Sanchez were to keep it on one of those read-options he'd have a large lane to run in - Shady has the defence glued to him

Noelinho (21:57:18 GMT)

Sanchez is definitely always looking to pass, even on plays where there isn't an obvious opening. Definitely could run more.

Will^ (21:57:53 GMT)

Maybe he's scared of another one of those moments - a la Thanksgiving...

Will^ (22:02:40 GMT)

Just switched to radio comms while making supper, Mike Mayock is doing the analysis - good times

Noelinho (22:02:57 GMT)

Now I finally know how timeouts work in the NFL, every time there's a timeout, I remember how stupid the rule is.

Will^ (22:04:28 GMT)

WAS TD - Freddy Morris

Noelinho (22:04:30 GMT)

Griffin to Jackson, 51 yards. Brilliant.

Noelinho (22:06:24 GMT)

Extra point was rather toe-poked through the sticks.

Will^ (22:06:59 GMT)

Love DJax being the one to post that big gain - against his old team

Noelinho (22:09:57 GMT)

Decent first quarter.

Will^ (22:13:48 GMT)

Eagles getting restricted by the WAS D

Noelinho (22:14:01 GMT)

I really must get a copy of the latrst Madden game.

Noelinho (22:16:22 GMT)

Take away the big play and Griffin is 4/7 for 29 yards. He'll need some more long throws.

Noelinho (22:16:53 GMT)

And as I say that, he throws for 12 yards. Better.

Will^ (22:17:18 GMT)

I've not played Madden in an age

Noelinho (22:19:05 GMT)

That drive stopped on a 3rd down drop. Costly.

Noelinho (22:22:28 GMT)

Eagles fans booing because injuries are getting in the way of their hurry-up offense.

Will^ (22:25:36 GMT)

Cynical - from both sides

Noelinho (22:27:37 GMT)

There's a man with his girlfriend in the front row. Looks like he's a Redskins fan and she's an Eagles fan. She didn't like that sack.

Will^ (22:29:26 GMT)

2 weekends a year where that house is no fun whatsoever

Noelinho (22:30:19 GMT)

Sanchez goes running!

Noelinho (22:32:16 GMT)

Both teams exploiting the run well.

Will^ (22:32:22 GMT)

Looks like he's learn how to avoid contact

Noelinho (22:32:47 GMT)

Eagles doing well on 3rd down on this drive too.

Will^ (22:33:19 GMT)

I could do with the Eagles having to resort to a lot of FGs :)

Noelinho (22:36:49 GMT)

Well ya didn't get one there!

Will^ (22:37:47 GMT)

I was counting on a Sanchez overthrow

Noelinho (22:39:28 GMT)

I'm thinking maybe the Pats D was maybe a better bet this week.

Will^ (22:42:14 GMT)

They both have good matchups, and neither are at home, but the Pats are the best D (not Fantasy D, but real NFL) in the last 6 weeks.

Noelinho (22:44:49 GMT)

Yeah, Eagles D isn't great, but it makes key plays, and Redskins give them up, so figured that was the better matchup.

Will^ (22:46:10 GMT)

If you had come up against the RG-INT version then you would have been laughing!

Noelinho (22:47:01 GMT)

If he's behind and has to launch it, he might be yet...

Noelinho (22:48:38 GMT)

I think Murray being injured will be a major issue for my fantasy team this week. I may fall at the penultimate hurdle for the second year running.

Will^ (22:48:44 GMT)

Plenty of football ahead of him - plus he might forget how to secure the ball again and develop another case of fumbleitis

Will^ (22:49:23 GMT)

I've already lost TY Hilton, and could well lose Julio Jones to injuries

Will^ (22:49:48 GMT)

I feel I'm in for a tough time of it come tomorrow evening

Noelinho (22:52:26 GMT)

We can always share a consolation final, in the knowledge we were the best teams over the regular season :-)

Will^ (22:52:44 GMT)

Wait, a punt?!

Noelinho (22:53:15 GMT)

Although I've still not forgiven Frank Gore for losing me our first matchup. If there's been another running back to replace him, I'd have cut him out of spite straight away.

Will^ (22:53:32 GMT)

I will leave this season knowing I destroyed the points totals - draft night, aced that!

Noelinho (22:54:27 GMT)

Why was a punt unexpected there?

Will^ (22:55:00 GMT)

Thought they might take a shot at the endzone as time was running out

Noelinho (22:58:24 GMT)

There were 16 seconds left. Redskins had 3 timeouts. They only needed 20 yards for field goal range. Unnecessary risk to take.

Will^ (22:59:17 GMT)

Yeah, suppose - nothing in it at this stage, not like it's 2 quarters later

Will^ (23:07:41 GMT)


Will^ (23:08:50 GMT)

Do you gets points for the turnover there?

Will^ (23:11:33 GMT)

WHAT?! My kickers misses a fairly straight forward FG try :O

Noelinho (23:13:04 GMT)

Yes, pretty sure I get points for that turnover. Bad FG miss though.

Noelinho (23:14:40 GMT)

BTW, you are about two minutes ahead of me now!

Noelinho (23:15:45 GMT)

I need to stick seconds on these comments, so I can work it out.

Noelinho (23:18:01 GMT)

Griffin is definitely running more sensibly than before. Looks a bit like Rodgers when he runs, which is probably a good medium.

Will^ (23:19:20 GMT)

I've switched to radio now, so the difference will switch again

Will^ (23:22:13 GMT)

Isn't it time for your GamePass to jump back to 10pm?

Noelinho (23:22:57 GMT)

It only does that on the Redzone channel.

Noelinho (23:23:25 GMT)

Plus, it doesn't do it on iOS. Only on desktop. But iOS is single screen only.

Noelinho (23:24:08 GMT)

It does remind me though, I need to ask them again when they're going to fix it.

Noelinho (23:34:51 GMT)

Sanchez did a nice job evading the defenseman there.

Will^ (23:35:54 GMT)

Another miss?! This guy doesn't want me to go any further

Noelinho (23:36:13 GMT)

Missed again...

Will^ (23:36:25 GMT)

Only his 4th miss of the season

Noelinho (23:37:05 GMT)

Should've had a one-week playoff schedule!

Noelinho (23:38:01 GMT)

Is now the time to say Vinatieri has missed 0? :-)

Will^ (23:39:48 GMT)

Haha. Parkey is 2nd in scoring for Ks.

Noelinho (23:39:50 GMT)

Woohoo! Jackson again!

Will^ (23:40:15 GMT)

(although likely now "was")

Noelinho (23:40:53 GMT)

He he. Well I started with Crosby, but GB's offense didn't do enough early doors.

Noelinho (23:41:07 GMT)

DPI all over that play.

Noelinho (23:41:49 GMT)

Who's the top kicker?

Noelinho (23:42:17 GMT)

Young. 2 rushes, 2 yards, 2 TDs. Easy.

Noelinho (23:45:46 GMT)

INT-bowl hasn't materialised.

Will^ (23:46:19 GMT)


Will^ (23:47:12 GMT)

Adam V is #3

Noelinho (23:47:40 GMT)

Crosby's actually been a good pick since I dropped him.

Will^ (23:53:01 GMT)

I might call it a day, before tomorrow becomes today.

Will^ (23:53:23 GMT)

TD Cooper

Noelinho (23:53:44 GMT)

Fair enough. I may not be around at the start tomorrow, but will be around before the end of the first games.

Will^ (23:54:45 GMT)

I should be able to see out the first 2 games tomorrow

Noelinho (23:56:08 GMT)

I'll be around until end of Redzone. I have to be at work on Monday, but hardly anyone around, so it doesn't matter if I'm a bit tired :-)

Noelinho (15:17:36 GMT)

The Chargers - 49ers game last night was pretty eventful. Injuries everywhere, penalties all over the shop and many of them affected scoring.

Will^ (18:00:26 GMT)

I look forward to checking back on that one. As for tonight I think I'm starting with the battle of the Bays - Green @ Tampa.

Will^ (18:07:45 GMT)

Saints up by 7 within 20s.

Will^ (18:09:48 GMT)

Texans using Case Keenum in the Wildcat

Will^ (18:28:57 GMT)

Aaron Rodgers registers an early-game fumble

Will^ (18:31:43 GMT)

Brady already sacked 3 times - I thunk he's missing Edelman

Will^ (18:42:04 GMT)

Pack TD Lacy

Will^ (18:47:29 GMT)

Gronk Catch, Gronk Score. Gronk Spike!

Will^ (18:59:26 GMT)

Geno Smith, passing TD! :O

Will^ (19:06:41 GMT)

Gronk stop INT. Brady like Gronk.

Will^ (19:13:31 GMT)

Geno reportedly being made to look "good" by Pats

Will^ (19:16:48 GMT)

Josh McCown playing poorly, or it could be the Bucs' O in general.

Will^ (19:19:17 GMT)

Manzel out of the game, took a shot, now getting treatment.

Will^ (19:23:33 GMT)

Forte receiving TD. Bear's QB Clausen getting it done.

Will^ (19:28:38 GMT)

Johnny Questionable. Hamstring injury

Will^ (19:56:55 GMT)

Bucs' D hold firm on their goal line on all 4 downs to prevent a GB score..

Will^ (20:15:47 GMT)

Gray TD, Pats lead 16-13

Noelinho (20:22:12 GMT)

Right, I'm in now. Have I missed any big plays, injuries or upsets so far?

Noelinho (20:24:42 GMT)

Baltimore losing to Houston? That's useful for the Chargers.

Noelinho (20:25:18 GMT)

Detroit down to the Bears too. That helps Green Bay.

Noelinho (20:28:08 GMT)

Currently watching the Patriots game. Jets held to a field goal, trail by one.

Will^ (20:35:27 GMT)

TD Pack - Nelson

Will^ (20:36:24 GMT)

Nothing major that I've picked up - only Case Keenum outplaying James Flacco.

Noelinho (20:36:55 GMT)

Nick Folk misses a 52-yard field goal which would have given them the lead.

Will^ (20:37:16 GMT)

Lamar Miller is currently lighting up my bench!

Noelinho (20:46:57 GMT)

I think my fantasy season is done.

Will^ (20:48:48 GMT)

Bucs INT - GB kneeling it out

Will^ (20:50:11 GMT)

Likewise, I was clinging to a lead, but Jordan just jumped level, with more players to play...

Noelinho (20:50:29 GMT)

Murray's injury last week was a hammer blow for me.

Will^ (20:52:34 GMT)

TY being out hasn't helped me either

Noelinho (20:57:51 GMT)

After three attempts, the two point conversion in Miami is good, so the game is tied.

Noelinho (21:01:10 GMT)

Patriots held on to win 17-16 against the Jets and have secured a first-round bye.

Noelinho (21:01:30 GMT)

Vikings get the ball after the kickoff and score a touchdown on the first play!

Noelinho (21:04:34 GMT)

Saints have been eliminated from the playoff picture. Winner of Saints - Panthers next week takes the spot.

Will^ (21:06:34 GMT)

You mean Falcons-Panthers?

Noelinho (21:06:49 GMT)

Err, yes.

Will^ (21:08:23 GMT)

Cool - I was confused otherwise

Noelinho (21:09:36 GMT)

Baltimore losing 25-7. Bad loss. That said, Keenum is a decent QB. JJ Watt looks battered!

Noelinho (21:13:29 GMT)

Ravens TD. Still down by loads though.

Noelinho (21:17:06 GMT)

Miami are eliminated from the playoff picture.

Noelinho (21:21:07 GMT)

The Dolphins just tied it up again.

Will^ (21:22:14 GMT)

OBJ has essentially ended my fantasy season - see you in the consolation final

Will^ (21:25:35 GMT)

JJWatt - that is all

Noelinho (21:25:59 GMT)

Yeah, a shame when we were so good in the regular season. Oh well. May be worth a few risks next week. If the Cowboys win tonight, can't imagine Murray will play next week. A few other players may only play bit parts.

Will^ (21:28:09 GMT)

Punt block safety

Will^ (21:28:28 GMT)

Scenes in Miami!!

Noelinho (21:30:30 GMT)

Wait, I missed that - what happened?

Will^ (21:31:23 GMT)

Dolphins took the lead on a safety from a blocked punt.

Noelinho (21:35:37 GMT)

That was a bit of a crazy play.

Noelinho (21:36:04 GMT)

Murray's already had the ball in the Colts - Cowboys game.

Noelinho (21:36:57 GMT)

He doesn't look restricted so far.

Noelinho (21:40:22 GMT)

Rams have turned the ball over twice so far against the Giants.

Noelinho (21:41:32 GMT)

Also, you may wish to press CTRL + F5 as I've made a couple of changes :-)

Will^ (21:43:20 GMT)

Seconds out, round 2

Noelinho (21:43:46 GMT)

Round 2 of what?

Noelinho (21:44:08 GMT)

Sammy Watkins has a TD. Of course, he's on my bench.

Will^ (21:44:38 GMT)

Games (but Kai my I wanted an idiom/pun involving seconds)

Noelinho (21:46:56 GMT)

Colts faked a punt. Ball was right on the money and MacDonald dropped the simplest of catches.

Noelinho (21:47:38 GMT)

Next play, Bryant TD. Cowboys lead by 2 TDs.

Noelinho (21:50:12 GMT)

Orson picked off by Charles Woodson.

Will^ (21:52:06 GMT)

Whaaaa - craziness with my autocorrect a comment or 2 ago.

Noelinho (21:52:57 GMT)

Yes, I had no idea what it meant!

Will^ (21:53:59 GMT)

I thought I'd deleted "Kai my"

Will^ (21:54:43 GMT)

Joe Philbin stays in Miami

Will^ (22:02:00 GMT)

Murray is not playing a huge part in the game at the moment - but being 14-0 up you don't need a RB with a hand on glass on the field.

Will^ (22:02:50 GMT)

Do you also have new comment sounds on?

Will^ (22:04:30 GMT)

TD Dallas: 0-21 up

Noelinho (22:09:25 GMT)

TD Raiders, TD Giants.

Noelinho (22:09:50 GMT)

I've updated the sound notification so it only plays when someone else comments :-)

Noelinho (22:10:17 GMT)

But you will need to force reload for it to take effect.

Will^ (22:10:44 GMT)

Oooo - to be honest I've not heard it, I just saw my header bar telling me there was a sound on the page

Noelinho (22:11:09 GMT)

Your header bar tells you there's a sound on the page?

Will^ (22:11:39 GMT)

Chrome on Windows gives me a little speaker icon when it's playing some audio

Noelinho (22:12:41 GMT)

Oh right, that. I just put it in so it's easier to know if someone has something to say.

Will^ (22:16:21 GMT)

What would be even better would be if the page title changed - a la what Twitter does or the the spc comments used to - but then I don't know how hard that is to do / how much code it would weigh the page down with.

Noelinho (22:18:27 GMT)

I sometimes get annoyed with flashing text, but I'll think about it.

Will^ (22:19:07 GMT)

TD Dallas - at this rate Murray will not be wearing pads after half time

Will^ (22:20:24 GMT)

I find the change of title useful (not a flashing one) to know when to tab back to the tab

Noelinho (22:20:35 GMT)

Well, he's got 10 points now, so not a disaster. He won't meet his projected 22 points though. That's TOTAL fantasy.

Noelinho (22:21:25 GMT)

Sideline in St Louis!

Noelinho (22:21:43 GMT)

Sideline *fight*, even.

Will^ (22:23:11 GMT)

Who started it?

Noelinho (22:25:06 GMT)

The Rams. Took a tackle on OBJ well out of bounds. The fight ended up almost in the stand. Pushes, punches, kicks and balls everywhere.

Will^ (22:25:21 GMT)

I've seen it now - OBJ reacts to being decleated far out of bounds, then the Ram swung at him and the Giants bench went in for the fill

Noelinho (22:25:31 GMT)

Three players ejected.

Will^ (22:25:37 GMT)


Will^ (22:26:10 GMT)

Giants #83 was proud of his ejection

Will^ (22:27:27 GMT)

Looks like 4 ejections from that list

Noelinho (22:28:12 GMT)

They only announced three on the field.

Will^ (22:30:25 GMT)

3 Giants and a Ram were on the list of ejections from today's game

Will^ (22:31:03 GMT)

Has one already been kicked out?

Noelinho (22:35:39 GMT)

Not according to the play-by-play.

Noelinho (22:35:59 GMT)

I have #83 Parker, #98 Moore for NYG and #95 Hayes for STL as ejected. Who's your fourth?

Will^ (22:37:10 GMT)

I dunno who it was, there was just a 3rd name on the NYG list.

Noelinho (22:37:35 GMT)

Where'd you see the list?

Will^ (22:38:47 GMT)

On the stream of the CBS coverage

Will^ (22:39:15 GMT)

Scratch that - the NYG-STL game is on FOX

Will^ (22:42:29 GMT)

The Colts' WRs almost look like they are the ones trying to cover the Cowboys' CBs...

Will^ (22:46:11 GMT)

Andrew Luck last second (in the half) shot at the end zone is picked off, run back and time runs out.

Noelinho (22:46:20 GMT)

LOL, Luck picked off at the end of the half.

Will^ (22:47:06 GMT)

4 scores down - but then this is where Luck usually finds himself!

Noelinho (22:54:06 GMT)

Raiders currently leading by 6.

Will^ (22:56:57 GMT)

Do they not want to try to improve their draft position?

Will^ (23:01:13 GMT)

Another pick from Luck

Noelinho (23:02:29 GMT)

Oh, they're back out?

Will^ (23:03:03 GMT)

Yeah, his INT was ~30s into the half

Will^ (23:04:01 GMT)

Dallas FG is missed

Noelinho (23:04:20 GMT)

I've just seen Romo sacked.

Will^ (23:04:57 GMT)

I'm on my 3rd advert from across the pond

Noelinho (23:05:13 GMT)

I'm back in the Redzone studio now!

Noelinho (23:06:51 GMT)

Looks like the Rams are just an average team again.

Will^ (23:08:44 GMT)

The Giants are about to go 2 scores ahead...

Will^ (23:09:57 GMT) up by 14.

Noelinho (23:13:45 GMT)

Are you at work this week?

Will^ (23:15:07 GMT)

Nope - school finished on Friday :)

Noelinho (23:16:05 GMT)

Nice. I'm in until Christmas Eve, but I'm only in half of that day. Plus, most people are off so I can clear a lot of things I often struggle to get done.

Will^ (23:17:19 GMT)

Although I do need to get up when ever the little one wakes - plus I need to start getting stuff ready for hosting Christmas.

Will^ (23:17:38 GMT)

I imagine it's nice in a office when it's deserted

Noelinho (23:17:46 GMT)

I'm hosting Christmas, but I have no visitors :-)

Will^ (23:18:38 GMT)

TD Dallas - shutout alert!

Noelinho (23:19:33 GMT)

It can be nice when the office is deserted, but we have about a dozen sites, and I have to be available on the phone to them.

Will^ (23:19:51 GMT)

We have Mrs^'s family coming down (4th year) so I've a fair amount of prep to do before Thursday

Noelinho (23:20:06 GMT)

I prefer Bank Holidays, because then I can work, and still keep my phone on divert, as the office is officially closed.

Will^ (23:21:46 GMT)

I can see how that is better :)

Will^ (23:22:53 GMT)

I often find that hiding away in my classroom I am far more productive, plus I don't end up being given extra work to do (or 'volunteering' for it myself)

Will^ (23:25:16 GMT)

Matt Hasselbeck in for the Colts

Noelinho (23:26:04 GMT)

Can't see the Colts getting far in the playoffs.

Will^ (23:26:26 GMT)

Indianapolis realising that the time has come for them to rest players

Will^ (23:27:06 GMT)

The Colts could definitely struggle against the Steelers or Chargers

Noelinho (23:27:17 GMT)

Derek Carr is 6/19. Wait. 6/20 now.

Noelinho (23:30:07 GMT)

Not counting my chickens, especially after struggling to beat the Jets today, but the Patriots have beaten the Bengals, Broncos, Colts and Chargers. And also the Lions.

Noelinho (23:31:10 GMT)

The only playoff team the Patriots have lost to is the Packers, at Lambeau. Which can't happen in the playoffs.

Will^ (23:31:48 GMT)

Pats have looked very strong recently (after their rocky first couple). They seem to be able to scheme to beat anybody's weakness

Noelinho (23:32:13 GMT)

Against playoff teams, the Patriots have a point differential of 99.

Will^ (23:33:44 GMT)

OBJ destroys the Rams, and any shred of hope I might've had

Noelinho (23:33:46 GMT)

Cowboys claim a fumble now.

Will^ (23:42:46 GMT)

Colts come away with a fumble of their own

Noelinho (23:45:10 GMT)

Carr's down for the Raiders.

Noelinho (23:45:21 GMT)

And a fight in Dallas!

Will^ (23:46:42 GMT)

Matt Schaub in

Will^ (23:47:30 GMT)

Brandon Weeden in

Will^ (23:48:13 GMT)

Derek Carr back in

Will^ (23:48:40 GMT)

Another Dallas TD

Will^ (23:49:03 GMT)

Even with Weeden throwing it up

Noelinho (23:49:10 GMT)

Raiders now up by 9.

Will^ (00:02:18 GMT)

Colts on the 1.. TD, shutout is off.

Noelinho (00:03:38 GMT)

Finally my kicker has a point!

Noelinho (00:09:12 GMT)

Oh, the Bills scored a TD. Missed it.

Noelinho (00:18:06 GMT)

Carr, 51 yard pass to Holmes. Crowd goes wild. Possibly the longest play in franchise history (or at least living memory).

Will^ (00:18:15 GMT)

Colts reportedly had only 1 rushing yard

Noelinho (00:22:32 GMT)

Rams with an awesome FG block!

Noelinho (00:24:53 GMT)

Did Gronk get flagged for his spike?

Noelinho (00:30:06 GMT)

Raiders intercept Orton. Getting close to the win now.

Will^ (00:36:47 GMT)

I can't remember re Gronk's spike

Will^ (00:37:55 GMT)

53 points down and Wilson + CJ Anderson to go, not impossible, just essentially impossible.

Will^ (00:38:48 GMT)

I'm off to bed now - catch up with you after the dust settles on our fantasy seasons

Noelinho (00:39:08 GMT)


Will^ (07:51:49 GMT)

Looks like Seattle DESTROYED Arizona, upshot being I only need 21 points, and it looks like you only need 28 from you 2 Thomases... meaning we both have an agonising wait.

Noelinho (10:57:10 GMT)

If only the Colts had scored a few points, we'd both be in a much better position. If I'd had too much to drink and stuck Frank Gore in, I'd be laughing too. But it wouldn't have been a sane decision!

Will^ (20:36:46 GMT)

My rookie WR flexes burned me - KBenj & Mikey Evans scoring

Will^ (21:17:50 GMT)

Just realised the 'less than sign' just trashed the rest of my comment "...less than 5pts each, instead of a 21pt Lamar Miller".

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