NFL Week 17

Sunday 28 December 2014, 18:00 GMT

It's the final week of the regular season! In the NFC, there's five teams on 11-4, and the NFC South features a winner takes all game for the final spot. In the AFC, can the Broncos hold on for the #2 seed?

Will^ (18:08:32 GMT)

Evening. Tough fantasy matchups tonight...

Noelinho (18:10:07 GMT)

Yeah, I've given up on my fantasy team. I only have four RBs now. One will be IA, one is playing injured, one is out of favour, and the other is Frank Gore.

Will^ (18:22:22 GMT)

I lucked into CJ Anderson. I'm considering moving next year's championship game to wk16 - to save us from any resting scenarios.

Noelinho (18:26:33 GMT)

I'm not sure that's necessary. Players get injured too. It's a variable everyone has to deal weith.

Will^ (18:29:25 GMT)

Very true. I'll leave it as is :)

Will^ (18:30:45 GMT)

Chargers are being outplayed by the Chiefs so far.

Will^ (18:33:07 GMT)

(And they have their backup QB under centre)

Will^ (18:36:05 GMT)

DeMarco Murray now holds the Cowboys single season rushing record

Will^ (18:42:44 GMT)

Chiefs TD... could well be their first to a WR all season (fumble on the play, recovered by Kelce - dunno who scored it in the end)

Noelinho (18:48:47 GMT)

Travis Kelce is as annoying as Frank Gore.

Will^ (18:48:48 GMT)

Was a TE TD

Will^ (18:52:32 GMT)

Chargers TD, Oliver

Will^ (19:00:07 GMT)

Murray TD for Dallas

Noelinho (19:00:26 GMT)

I#m only half paying attention at the moment.

Noelinho (19:09:50 GMT)

The games are going very quickly so far.

Will^ (19:12:08 GMT)

I'm not watching anything yet, only radio as I'm chasing around the room.

Will^ (19:16:15 GMT)

Chiefs pass rush is dominating today

Noelinho (19:18:32 GMT)

Wow, the Cowboys are up by 20.

Will^ (19:19:01 GMT)

How long till they pull their starters?

Noelinho (19:20:17 GMT)

Halfway through the third?

Will^ (19:23:54 GMT)

Should do tbh

Will^ (19:24:46 GMT)

Chiefs kick another FG to make it 16-7 with 40s left in the half.

Noelinho (19:29:48 GMT)

For some reason, I'm not hearing new comment notification sounds.

Noelinho (19:31:54 GMT)

I've also discovered it's not a terrible efficient method either.

Will^ (19:34:59 GMT)

I'm mobile, so am not expecting to hear them

Noelinho (19:35:10 GMT)

Brady's out.

Noelinho (19:35:25 GMT)

Heh, I heard it that time.

Will^ (19:39:49 GMT)

Looks like ty is going to post a big fat 0 today!

Noelinho (19:47:57 GMT)

Why did the Steelers not use LeGarrette Blount when he was with them? He's been brilliant since he rejoined the Patriots.

Will^ (19:53:15 GMT)

Don't know, too busy running Bell?

Noelinho (19:54:37 GMT)

Maybe, but Blount just has so much more to offer. Such a powerful runner.

Will^ (19:56:33 GMT)

I don't think they liked his attitude

Noelinho (19:56:36 GMT)

My bench almost has more points than my starters.

Will^ (19:57:23 GMT)

Miller on my bench has 4/5s of my starters current points

Noelinho (19:58:12 GMT)

And now my bench has more points than my starters.

Will^ (19:59:52 GMT)

A sign of great roster management, but an inability to pick the right players

Noelinho (20:04:20 GMT)

Picked Manning over Romo, because Romo wasn't going to play the whole game, and Manning had a favourable matchup (and has great form too); Decker and Kelce are my best R/W/T players - who'd have predicted that?!

Noelinho (20:05:30 GMT)

Vinatieri missed a FG…

Will^ (20:06:47 GMT)

Shock horror!!

Will^ (20:07:58 GMT)

Bucs should be sucking to improve their draft status, and running the ball on the Jets?! WHat the...

Noelinho (20:09:37 GMT)

Red flag out in Miami. Officials scrubbed a pick 6. I think it was a big mistake.

Will^ (20:12:14 GMT)

Jax ahead of Hou 17-14

Noelinho (20:12:34 GMT)

Play stands. Tied at 24. Would have been a Miami lead of 10.

Will^ (20:15:30 GMT)

If the current scores stand the Chiefs make the playoffs

Noelinho (20:29:17 GMT)

The Chiefs' mascot was not happy with their FG miss there.

Noelinho (20:47:22 GMT)

JJ Watt has been awesome this year. Just got his 20th sack.

Noelinho (20:48:52 GMT)

OBJ just got a 63 yards TD too.

Will^ (20:52:35 GMT)

OBJ is a beast - definitely OROTY

Will^ (20:53:32 GMT)

Ravens now leading, meaning BAL or SD are in contention for the AFC 6 spot.

Will^ (20:54:42 GMT)

Chargers stopped on 4th down, down by far too much - season look over

Will^ (20:56:40 GMT)

To this point Phil Rivers is 8-0 in week 17 games - that streak looks to be over

Will^ (21:03:44 GMT)

Bucs look like they have locked up the #1 pick

Will^ (21:09:07 GMT)

Ravens take the 6th seed

Noelinho (21:10:55 GMT)

Some more big games coming up. Are you staying up?

Will^ (21:14:54 GMT)

Not in work tomorrow, so why not ;)

Noelinho (21:18:51 GMT)

Cowboys have 5+ TDs in each of their last four games.

Will^ (21:23:34 GMT)

Cowboys are strong contenders

Noelinho (21:23:51 GMT)

Taking a little break - will be back soon.

Will^ (21:27:01 GMT)

See you in a bit

Noelinho (21:44:30 GMT)

Right, back now.

Noelinho (21:46:14 GMT)

7-7 already in San Fran - Arizona?

Noelinho (21:46:31 GMT)

Packers TD on the punt return!

Noelinho (21:47:35 GMT)

Refs missed a block in the back on the Packers TD return…

Will^ (21:53:26 GMT)

Damn zebras

Will^ (22:04:04 GMT)

I can't decide which games to watch

Noelinho (22:04:26 GMT)

I'm just watching Redzone.

Will^ (22:04:31 GMT)

Manning FUMBLE - Raiders score with it!

Noelinho (22:04:36 GMT)

And playing Democracy 3.

Will^ (22:05:09 GMT)

Rodgers just had his first 1st quarter of his career without a completion

Noelinho (22:09:58 GMT)

He's having a bit of a dip in form, isn't he?

Will^ (22:11:13 GMT)

Hard to think that he is the best QB in the league after that

Will^ (22:12:04 GMT)

Lacy fumble

Will^ (22:14:15 GMT)

CJ Anderson scores for Denver

Will^ (22:15:26 GMT)

The Lions are running all over the Pack

Noelinho (22:15:49 GMT)

I'd like the Lions to win the division. Makes things more interesting.

Will^ (22:16:24 GMT)

Green Bay having to go on the road mixes things up.

Noelinho (22:16:57 GMT)

Unfortunately the Seahawks having HFA doesn't.

Will^ (22:18:38 GMT)

Although the Clink this year hasn't been fortress it once was

Noelinho (22:19:49 GMT)

Their only home loss was to the Cowboys in week six. They're a different team now.

Will^ (22:25:00 GMT)

Yeah true, their defence is looking almost better than last year

Will^ (22:27:30 GMT)

But they are 6-0 down to the Rams at the moment

Will^ (22:34:05 GMT)

Rodgers' ankles looks rather sore - lumbered out of the pocket on one, then landed heavily on the other

Noelinho (22:34:21 GMT)

Oh yes, he's hobbling off now.

Will^ (22:36:27 GMT)

He's now all aboard the train to the locker room

Will^ (22:47:14 GMT)

Megatron scores! The Decepticons trail the Autobots 7-14.

Noelinho (22:47:23 GMT)

TD Lions. Depending on Rodger's prognosis, this could be very interesting.

Noelinho (22:52:48 GMT)

Arizona TD at the end of the half to take the lead against the 49ers.

Will^ (23:03:31 GMT)

Rodgers is questionable, so Matt Flynn is in

Will^ (23:08:07 GMT)

Rodgers walks back to the sideline

Will^ (23:14:37 GMT)

Loser of the late game tonight will face the Colts, and the winner will play the Ravens... so, which of those 2 will get to knock out the Bengals?!

Will^ (23:17:41 GMT)

Megatron does his thing - tie-game

Noelinho (23:18:10 GMT)

This will be a fun finish!

Will^ (23:19:07 GMT)

Rodgers is ready to go back in...

Noelinho (23:20:04 GMT)

I'll bet he is.

Will^ (23:28:14 GMT)

He's back - TD GB

Noelinho (23:32:33 GMT)

Matt Ryan's not having fun. Just threw a pick 6, although there's a flag… and it comes back.

Will^ (23:36:43 GMT)

Pack offence back on the field

Will^ (23:39:00 GMT)

Eddie Lacy coughs it up

Will^ (23:40:04 GMT)

but as he was on the ground when he was hit, down by contact without giving the ball a chance to come out. GB ball still

Will^ (23:41:45 GMT)

Lions are challenging the decision, but I think they will likely lose that

Will^ (23:43:29 GMT)

Ruling on the field is confirmed. GB keep the ball

Will^ (23:50:10 GMT)

GB has a long FG try blocked

Noelinho (23:52:42 GMT)

Hard to see Oakland getting past the Broncos now.

Will^ (23:52:51 GMT)

Lions turn to fumble - GB have the ball in their hands.

Will^ (23:53:22 GMT)

Bell never had the ball secure in his hands

Will^ (00:00:51 GMT)

Denver FG says they can probably start resting starters

Noelinho (00:01:39 GMT)

Seahawks have pretty much finishes off the Rams now.

Will^ (00:02:35 GMT)

Aaron Rodgers has just about scored on a QB sneak - being reviewed

Will^ (00:04:36 GMT)

TD Pack: Will be GB ahead 28-14.

Noelinho (00:09:11 GMT)

Rams drop the ball into the endzone on the half-yard line and the Seahawks get the touchback.

Will^ (00:18:05 GMT)

Suh walking all over Rodger's ankles, I didn't see any flags

Noelinho (00:18:37 GMT)

There weren't any. Didn't look intentional to me.

Will^ (00:19:34 GMT)

The first step no, but I thought the second step was a little suspect

Noelinho (00:25:31 GMT)

Seahawks have almost certainly got HFA.

Will^ (00:26:38 GMT)

Lions conceded a safety, then got the ball back on an uncaught fair catch

Noelinho (00:27:10 GMT)

Broncos have hit 40 points against the Raiders.

Will^ (00:27:22 GMT)

...on the onside punt

Will^ (00:29:13 GMT)

I can't see the Lions getting 16 points in under 2 minutes

Noelinho (00:30:09 GMT)

Me neither.

Will^ (00:32:40 GMT)

Even with the TD there. Watch out for another onside kick here

Will^ (00:33:18 GMT)


Will^ (00:34:24 GMT)

Wait, no 2pt conversion

Noelinho (00:41:10 GMT)

NFC Playoffs@ #1 12-4, #2 12-4, #3 12-4, #4 7-8-1. LOL.

Will^ (00:41:54 GMT)

Panthers win the NFC Disgrace!

Noelinho (00:43:17 GMT)

Our fantasy performances today are abysmal. Our bench scores are pretty good thuogh.

Will^ (00:44:07 GMT)

This week sums up my playoff performances - only Anderson and Parkey showed up

Will^ (00:52:28 GMT)

That's it for me... see you next week for WildCard Weekend!

Noelinho (00:54:55 GMT)

Cool, will do.

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